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[PS3]- The Royal- G's Now Recruiting!


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Royal-G's are Officially Recruiting!


Are you Looking For a Chill Crew? Are you Maybe looking for an Even More Chill Crew With Slut's And Stripper's (ok, Maybe not) Well We dont Have Stripper's or The Houchimamma's But What's Better Than Dominating The Street's of los Santos With a Great Crew to Watch you'r Back? That's Where We come in! Recently My Crew and I have Decided to To Publicly Open The Royal-G's To Whom Ever may Want to Join, As We stand Right Now We have Just over 7 Member's (That's a lot!) We Are Very Small As it Stand's And Are Ready To Build Our Player base To The Next level.



Crew Apparel

We are Pretty Classy Dresser's, Usually Fancy Suit's And All That Ying yang, However We dont Have a Code of Conduct for Apparel So You May Wear What Ever you Please, BUT you Must Wear The Lobster top Hat as it Is our Symbol.


Active Crew Member's

[Founder/President]- Gimpy_420

[Vice President]- Jimbobs12


( Despite The WEED Talk, The Mojority of us MAY be Stoner's. so if your a Smoker You Will Have a Blast, If not Well We dont Talk About it Much, We kind of Throw it Under the Train Despite Who We are playing With)


Vehicle Access

. Must Have Access to a Garage/ Safe house

.Must Have At least 1 Super Car and/or Sport's Car

. Highly Advised You Have Access To MerryWeather Heli's or your own Heli

. Show off The Crew by Putting The emblem on your Ride's


Crew Requirement's

. Must Be Level 30 or over

​. Must Wear The lobster Top Hat (Not Mandatory, Just if you want to Show off the Crew)

. Must Speak ENGLISH Very Fluently

. Must Be of Legal Playing Age 17+

. Must Be able To Play At Certain Hour's ( Anytime is Fine, Dont Get confused it's just Certain Player's in the Crew Work For a Living so Their Schedule's May Be a bit wonky, Usually 7 pm MDT is the Perfect time to Catch us all Together)

. ABSOLUTELY NO FRIENDLY FIRING! (Some time's Accident's happen, just Dont Be a Repeat offender or you will be kicked)

. You Dont Need But SHOULD have access to a mic.


CREW PAGE: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/royal_gs



. When I Originally Made the Crew i Was aiming for Canada Only Player's (mainly Alberta) However With Me re-opening the Crew after some time I have Decided to Accepet anyone, as long as they meet Requirements, Still Though if you Are living in Canada and Want a Great Local Crew to Join, Then You Found one :)


.The Crew has Been Around Since Early October, just Weeks after GTA online's Release


. We are Skilled Player's And Love to Joke around, If We are not Grinding or Cleaning The Street's We usualy Throw Huge House parties or Do Race's And Capture's.


. The Majority of us are over level 120, We have all the good Money Making Missions unlocked So if You Love The Doe and Love Mission's You'll Enjoy Your time :)


. We do Have Headset's, If you Dont Have one it's ok it's not Mandatory but it's Highly Recommended to Get the Most of your enjoyment


. I have been in The Proccess of obtaining an HD-PVR so We can Record our Gameplay and Who Know's Maybe Make some Let's Play's



Well Fellow GTA Community Member's That about Sum's it up, If you Are interested Please message me on here, the social club or Via In game (PS3 only)


I Hope This Topic Appeal's To you and We hope to Hear from you Soon [:)


Crew: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/royal_gs



UPDATE: I have Changed The Status From invite only To Public, if you wish to join just head over to that link and you may join




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