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What are the best/worst messages other players sent you ?

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  • Arrows to Athens


  • Sky_Light12


  • lll-H-I-M-lll


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I had this guy buzz my apartment, so I let him in. Then he went to my garage, saw my cars, then later sent me a message ''pls can u doplicate carrr for mi'' I lol'd.

A player apologized after blowin up my PV. Shocking but it's true

I've had a guy send me a message saying, "Yo b*tch ass n*gga you a straight up f*cking idiot, I wreck you 'till morning you suck". With One Direction playing in the background, I responded, "I'm way

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8 minutes ago, Moewe755 said:

This week  i was at the beach and a random lvl 130 killed me, i fought back and killed him 11-0. After that  i texted f off. He killed me while i was textingand then called me noob. I was sitting there like tf does he mean. Btw he blew himself up a few times midfight. But 4 real i hate These wannabe tryhard Kids that watched some "tryhard-guy" 2 times on yt and now think they are the sh*t and Sweat the best they can.

Just like "Lzzzzzzzzzzz" has turned into "I killed you once" when it's supposed to mean "multiple Ls" (L=loss=kill), maybe "noob" has morphed into simply meaning "I don't like you".

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14 hours ago, SummerFreeze said:

Did you continue to kill him?

Nah lol I actually left the session not long after to help a few friends who were getting jumped by some tryhards

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just been randomly texting the word "cringe" to people and have never gotten so many replies.

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Arrows to Athens



Never EWOd once. I don't know why these imbeciles like to make sh*t up. Killed him a few times with my Toreador while he was on foot, then again while he was on his petty broomstick. He made numerous attempts to get a kill, but I never let him.

Edited by Arrows to Athens
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"You should be in the next Durex advert" - KD warrior whose bounty I took with a stealth Akula kill, made me chuckle.

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"4-2 wannabe"


I got this across XBOX live today after falling foul of the usual excited tryhard. I mean, who cares, ya f*cking spack? lol

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Sketchy looking German wannabe tryhard: "Do you want frozen money?"


Me: "No, but thanks anyway :)"


Him: "Give me acc or I boot you every day"


Me: "Lmao good luck with that retard"


I'm now running a VPN and have a dynamic IP anyway. 

Kids these days..

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saw his name and couldnt resist.


he was so bad at sniping that he thought im in godmode. lol





some other german saw me fighting tryhards in the lobby and made them rage quitting. he thought im a german  youtuber 





my reply: Oppressor MK 2



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On 6/20/2021 at 3:13 AM, Arrows to Athens said:

Got a few odd ones in the past couple days. 






Fat son of a dog. Lol




Its allowed to sent some other players an friendly "Hurensohn" ( son of a bitch) but if you want to tell someone that he was "hilfreich" (helpful) u cant as it contains the word "reich" and ull get the forbidden text message



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