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Cannonball Run [PS3]

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If you do not know what a Cannonball Run is, let me take a brief moment to explain. It is a "cross-country road rally", meaning that teams of 2 people race across the whole country/map (in cars or other sorts of automobiles), and try to arrive in the fastest time possible without being stopped by the police or crashing.

There is no prize for first place and it is done mainly for the fun of it. The teams consist of two players, a driver and a navigator who are both seated in the same car. Of course there is no fun just driving from A to B without a bit of risk involved! This is where the police force comes in, they will establish "speed traps" and if a car is going over the speed limit they will be pulled over and fined which will cost them valuable time, either this or if the car fails to comply it will be taken out by law enforcement officers.


The date will be scheduled once we have enough people have signed up for the event, if you have friends who might be interested you can check them in too!


The main positions that need filling are:



Must be willing to co-operate with another person, can be selected by them or assigned by default. They will have to drive fast yet sensibly as not to crash or get caught by the police.



Will sit in the passenger seat and direct the driver on what they think is the fastest route, they will also be on a look out for any speed traps.


-Police officers:

Will wait on the side of the road or hidden behind corners and chase after/fine racers who are driving over the limit.



Anyone with a PVR is welcome to record the event and will be supplied with a free helicopter to do the recording with, if you do get any footage please send it to me so that I can compile it into a YouTube video.



1. If you don't want to waste time being stopped by the police to get fined, try using a vehicle that blends in with the rest of the cars on the road such as a van or something similar.

2. Communicate via Skype/in-game call with your navigator, it could also help you enjoy the experience more. Avoid lobby-chat as police will be able to intercept what you are saying.


Rules for drivers:

-Must not use waypoints, it is the navigator's job to direct the driver.

-Must disable blips/radar as not to have an un-fair advantage over police officers or other contestants.

-Must avoid collision with physical items, imagine the car you are driving is very precious to you.

-Must not exit vehicle unless told to do so by a police officer.

-Must not use weapons.


Rules for navigators:

-Must not use waypoints, this would defeat the role.

-Must disable blips and hide other players from their map as not to ruin the police's stealth.

-Must use mini-map/map to choose a route.

-Can set points of interest in advance.

-Must communicate over Skype or other forms of vocal communication with the driver.

-Must not exit vehicle unless told to do so by a police officer.

-Must not use weapons.


Rules for police officers:

-Must wait by the road next to the car pointing a "radar gun" at the road (This can be any pistol as long as you do not fire it).

-Do not pursue a car if they were not going overly fast.

-There is no strict speed limit as it cannot be measured but use common sense.

-If a vehicle is brightly coloured or looks suspicious you may pull it over for questioning.

-When a car speeds past, initiate pursuit and activate your sirens and signal the offender to pull over onto the side of the road, if they fail to do so, after 5 minutes of pursuit, you may take out their tyres and bring them to a halt.

-When "fining" a suspect, collect the "documents" from the offender and return to your car (make them wait a good 5-10 minutes so that they lose their position in the poll) and then walk back over them and give them the bad news, they do not have to physically pay you and once the situation has been dealt with you may let them continue.

-Do not use deadly force unless EXTREME situations happen.

-Do not harm innocent civilians.

-Must communicate with other police officers via in-game lobby chat (this way racers can intercept conversations as though they were using a frequency scanner).

-Communicate with other officers and spread out throughout the map, have an officer on each section of the map since racers may take any road they please.

-Use only the police vehicle supplied by us.


Rules for cameramen:

-Do not get involved with the situation.

-Do not disrupt the action or interfere.

-Do not damage the helicopters.

-Try and get good angles using first person camera.



Application form




Skype (Optional but preferred):

Job requested:



Microphone availability:

Any comments/tell us about yourself:









Any suggestions are welcome and if you have anything to share please go ahead, we have never tried this before and are open to change. We may even do more than one of these events.






Thank you for taking the time to read and if you have any questions add me on Skype at luca_casarini. I hope to see you soon! :)

Edited by Frontality

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