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GTA V: Dead Green

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I had no idea where to post this, but if I am in the wrong place please be so kind to guide me to the right place. Now this is just a simple idea not a draft of a pitch.

Synopsis: Patrick McReary after travelling all over the west coast to find scores has no luck until he finally makes contact with an old friend in Los Santos(That one guy during his random encounter). Packie starts with small scores and begins to participate in larger operations with the Ballas and Madrazo's gang. After awhile his reputation brings the attention of Quinn Callahan a former IRA partner of Derrick McReary who was the first person that he backstabbed, he is the main antagonist.


Patrick McReary- The protagonist. Former member of the McReary crime family and last son of the McReary Clan. He is a very hot-blooded, and cocky individual who constantly boasts about the reputation of his family. Secretly he realizes how washed up he is and only puts up the act to hide the fact that he is alone now, and there are subtle hints that he blames a certain Slavic man. He starts out a small criminal, but works his way up to perform tasks for Los Santos more influential gangs, but his luck runs out when one of his employers Martin Madrazo sells him out to an Irish crime family who have become a large threat in Liberty City and are looking for the last son of McReary clan. After facing a ridiculously large amount of force from Madrazo's gang and Quinn's gang, he flees to Blaine County. Unfortunately this isn't nearly enough to stop Quinn's desired vengeance, with Quinn's connections to the IRA he is able to call upon their assistance and that of Don Percival's Merryweather organization. Packie is left without any other choice but too finally display humility and call upon his friend for help. The two face one extremely difficult battle with Quinn and in the end they win, but only Packie comes out alive, alone once again.

Quinn Callahan- (Yes I just googled an Irish name I thought sounded cool)A former ally of Derrick McReary during "The Troubles" just like Bucky Sligo and Aiden O'Malley he recieved the short end of the stick. He resurfaced later on and dedicated the rest of his life to kill Derrick. He established a criminal empire in Ireland and after discovering that Derrick had left to America, he proceeds to expand his influence there. Much to his dismay he finds out that Derrick has already died. To find some closure he goes after the other sons but unfortunately Francis is also dead, and Gerald was killed in a prison break in committed by a motorcycle club. Unable to cope with the thought that he will live the rest of his life knowing that Derrick got away with it he makes as many connections as he can. In exchange for her release Elizabeta Torres confesses that Patrick McReary fled to the west coast, and that Johnny Klebitz was responsible for the break in. Quinn later connects the Lost MC and discovers that the girlfriend to the late leader Ashley Butler is alive he bribes her with meth, and learns of Trevor Phillips recent actions then lets her kill herself with the drugs. He chooses not to kill Trevor as he assumes he's just another small time crook. In the end he makes a partnership with Martin Madrazo who has recently worked with Packie. Now that he has a perfect opportunity he attacks Packie with everything but Packie narrowly escapes and flees to Blaine County. Pulling out everything in his power Quinn uses his IRA connections to call up experienced mercenaries, and takes advantage of the stakes he has with Merryweather which he gained by helping Don Percival with his exploits in Western Africa. In the end Packie and his partner are able to overcome him, but at the cost of one life.

I know, I know. I put a lot of work into the back story more than I did the plot. The rest will come, but for now just an idea. Feedback is much appreciated.

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Mokrie Dela

Essentially, this section is a place for writing, and the discussion of writing, so yes, if you're planning on writing a gta Fanfic, or any other kind of story, and/or seeking advice in improving your writing, then this is the correct place.


If this is is going to be a "GTA concept" (your vision of a game(Search for "Blood and a Four Leaf Clover", i think you'll find it interesting)), then probably not (Though when i helped someone with a GTA concept, I posted the story here).

Welcome, enjoy the party - there's cake and cola at the back, but it's warm and stale. If Ziggy offers you a drink, don't drink it; it's probably drugged ;)

Having a well-developed Backstory is a good idea, don't worry - you'll draw on this throughout the story. Look at Niko in GTA IV - his backstory is fantastic, and you don't get given it all at once - much of it is hinted or revealed in time. Be careful at telling us all the backstory -in face you should tell us none of it - we should learn it through the story - speech, comments, alusions and references, that kind of thing.

Seems an interesting idea so far - all you need to do is get this bad boy written! :D

Good luck!

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Many thanks, I appreciate the feedback and welcome

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I've read over it and really like the concept and I agree on what Morkie says,


Perhaps head over into the "The Writers Room" thread if you wanna chat with other like-minded people. :)

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