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Good semi-gaming laptop for ~$800?


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Hey all, my gaming desktop is taking a sh*t so I'm thinking about just getting a laptop as a replacement since I'll be going to college soon.


Uses: Mostly Photoshop CS6 mixed with the typical iTunes and microsoft word multitasking sh*t. Possibly some 1080p video editing. However, I'd love it if I could game a little on the side. I'm thinking GTA IV and V if its ever released for PC...


For the budget lets say around $800, though that might go up or down. Whats some good laptop options for these needs?


Im very unfamiliar with laptop tech and I haven't been involved with anything computer-related for about 2 years. But my current desktop is running a AMD Athlon II X4 630 (2.8ghz quad core), 4GB RAM, and an ATI radeon hd 5700 1GB. Would a $800 laptop blow these specs out of the water or would it be close to the same?


Right now I'm looking at lenovo's y410p and y510p. The base models both have a pretty sh*tty 1366x768 resolution, so I'd go with the second-to-cheapest option which includes a 1600x900 for the 410p ($800), and a 1920x1080 for the 510p ($900).


Anyways, both have Intel i7-4700MQ processors, 8GB of RAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce GT755M GDDR5 2GB graphics card. Is this a good setup for the money? Better than my desktop?


Thanks in advance.

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