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STD contractors - High life speculation w/pics


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Hey. Im still bored so I thought I would do some sniffing around los santos to amuse myself while we all wait for the high life update

"Get ready for lots of exciting Grand Theft Auto Online updates to be added throughout the spring and beyond. Here's a brief rundown of some of the new content, features, and enhancements that you can expect to see barreling down the La Puerta Freeway in the months to come."

"La Puerta Freeway (Interstate 5) is a freeway that runs through the southern part of Los Santos. It starts/ends after a T-Intersection off the Del Perro Freeway and runs through West Los Santos as the Miriam Turner Overpass before it ends at the Port of LS and turns into Elysian Fields Fwy."

I made a thread about the blueprint map to speculate if and where new properties may be added in the game. the only 3 safe houses on that map that are in los santos that arent listed on dynasty 8 site are in fact next to or nearby

the la puerta freeway. Heres the thread, its okay, lots of pictures

then I read on this forum theres apparently a rumor the STD contractors building sites would be completed. Which is kind of weird considering there is missions and gang attacks in those locations, and it kind of ruins the continuity of time in the gta universe. but that doesnt bother me and theres already time paradoxes in gtao so what do you care (rhetorical question) Heres a sketchy map, the STD construction sites are outlined in red and the la puerta freeway is in blue


There are 3 std contractor sites, and they are also in fact next to or nearby the la puerta freeway. The vinewood one doesnt have anything to indicate what is being built. La puerta apartments is specifically stated to be luxury (high end) condos with 2/3 bedrooms and the mile high club is the second tallest building in los santos (high life, get it?) So here they are

1. La Puerta Apartments


"La Puerta Apartments is an apartment complex under construction by STD Contractors. It is located on the intersection of Calais Avenue and Vespucci Boulevard in La Puerta, Los Santos. According to signs showcasing images of an architect's perspective, the complex will feature 2/3 bedroom luxury condominiums."

Here are the views

to the east we have a view of the mile high club and the city center


Kind of northeast you can see the freeway, vinewood sign and maybe the vinewood construction


to your west we can see the pier and beach jj7l29.jpg

and just south is the marina


2.The Mile High Club


"The Mile High Club is a skyscraper hotel complex under construction featured in Grand Theft Auto V and located in Downtown Los Santos. The company building the complex is STD Contractors."

The views

to the west and down you can see la puerta apartments and la puerta freeway


to the north you see the maze bank, the vinewood sign and also rockford hills and richman, etc. good view


the west view is of the marina, the beach, the ocean, the pier. another good view


to the south is the airport, bridge and stadium. I had to hover to get this view because of construction walls


3. Vinewood site


"another construction site in Vinewood, near Downtown."

and views

northeast - do I see the casino?


to the north you can see the vinewood sign and what I believe is the observatory in the hills


rockford plaza to the west


and the mile high club/city center to the south


In conclusion, I don't know if this will happen, I suppose its possible though, if rockstar really loves us. Theres that commercial on the radio about bring back prohibition, and we ended up with al capones cadillac, pinstripe suits and a tommy gun. Theres another commerical I hear alot lately about celebrities moving into hotels, so they might open all the hotels with purchasable suites and garages, or they might just add new apartments to existing buildings, for example richards majestic apt 101, penthouse suite or something, dunno. The mile high club is "a skyscraper hotel complex" by the way



"Reliable erections for all Los Santos"

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Great post and investigation, who knows you could be right.....cant stop laughing at

"STD Contractors" some proper Rockstar comedy

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I like this thread. He took his time instead of just feeding us trolls. Good job bro. Thou shalt not be trolled.

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Miss Malevolent

The only thing about the Mile High Club as a location is...what about the gang fight at the bottom of the site and the Mission at the top of the building?

Wouldn't they have to go bye bye?

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Good work OP but you should probably change the thread title to something a lil less sexy.

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too long but did read, good job OP. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it :^:

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Use the Spring Update thread for this.


Spring Update

lol you might as well wear a big sign stating how jealous you are... You wanna be a mod SO BAD


OT: cool idea OP and nice pics

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Use the Spring Update thread for this.


Spring Update

lol you might as well wear a big sign stating how jealous you are... You wanna be a mod SO BAD


OT: cool idea OP and nice pics

Yeah I can see he's trying hard hoping he'll be a mod one day

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The Lonesome Drifter

Nice work OP :) but I'm fairly sure the Mile High Club isn't gonna become anything, as it's actually used in a storyline mission, where you have to collect something... (Using my phone so no spoiler tags :()


It would be abut strange for single player gamers just doing the mission for it to change into a high rise luxury condo(m)

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