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GTA Online money glitch. SLOW

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This glitch is tempermental but does work it requires two people and an invite only session




1: Place a bounty on your friend or tell him to rob a AI car and get one paced on him (works best with $9,000 bounty)


2: Tell your friend to go into his garage and get in his least expensive vehicle


3: Buy sticky bombs and place 4 infront of his garage door




4: Tell your friend to drive out of his garage and get ready to pull out his Ethernet cable, dasboard, eject disk, sign out .


5: When your friend DRIVES OVER the stick bombs BLOW them up and when HE HEARS THE EXPLOSION HE MUST sign out, pull out Ethernet cable, dashboard, eject disk


6: When your friend arrives back in your game he will still have his bounty if done correctly


7: Rinse and Repeat all the steps to gain the desired amount of money


Enjoy :) PS: I know there are faster money glitches available but it is still a good glitch

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Okay i'm confused does he lay down the sticky bombs or does a friend? and how does blowing himself up in a car net him money since you can't claim a bounty on yourself?


Did you just make this up and see if people actually believed you or something cause this sounds like a troll or something


I'm sorry but this is a horrible money glitch and If you're going to made a guide at least give the correct details...


This will only work if you pull the ethernet cord out or sign out via the dashboard.


Ejecting the disc will quit the game and he will have to load the game back up and log in which will take 15 minutes every time you do this and 10k isn't worth ruining your disk not to mention repeatedly pulling your Ethernet cord from your console will eventually damage it.


If anybody plans on trying this use the dashboard sign out way you can do this by pressing the PS/XBOX button (The one you use to start your systems up)


But think about how much money you waste using sticky bombs for a 10k bounty if you want a money glitch use the one i posted it takes the same amount of time but the reward is much greater even at $9,000 bounties you'd have to do this 11 times just to get $100,000 and 101 times to get $1,000,000


[TUT/Video] Dupe Sell Any Car After- .12 Full Price Confirmed

Edited by AiraCobra

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These glitches are getting slower and slower lol.

Hopefully it'll get to the point where people just stop bothering with them.

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