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Blue Devil 187 MC is recruiting !


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Hey everybody. im out to hire brothers to the right crew, with respect and attitude. We are guys & girls 18+. Our crew is ACTIVE, and we like to make plans for make meetings, Jobs and have fun! I Will post on the crew Wall in the side for informations and for make plans with the members about what we Can do together!. We need alot of members!! And hope there are alot of loyal and ACTIVE homies and brothers out there! Just go to social club and join us or Pm ! You Can also ADD LOCOTE-MS13 in the game if you want an invite ;-). We are mostly PS3 players :-). But ready to have a partner with Xbox, aint no problem. ;)!

You Can go to the site here http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/blue_devil_187_mc.

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