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Anyone know a good Role-Play Server?

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My friends and I are looking for a nice Role-Play Server, something with Gangs/Families and a economy that isn't bad. By not a bad economy I mean that it isn't really hard to earn money and that some things to buy are not super expensive.

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Around the Multiplayer Events Section there are a few roleplays if you are looking for GTA 5 SA-MP I don't think there e is any but there are a few PS3 and Xbox 360 GTA 5 Roleplays just gotta look and read there first post and that tells you all the information you probably will need.

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Deus Ex

I suggest CrazyBob Cops And Robbers, it's good for Role Playing. If you have SA-MP, just find the ID for it on internet, they have their own sites there.

Once you find ID just type it in 'add server', they have two servers. It cool, trust me.


There are trolls and annoying people there, but it's bearable. It's not that annoying once you get to know the place.

You can donate to servers to keep them running, doing so grants you certain privileges that other non-donating people don't have. The amount need to be considered donating memeber is around 7 dollars, not much if you ask me.

Edited by Deus Ex

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Its hard to join or do Roleplays on PS3. I replied on 2 Roleplay clan things on here and no one adds me or no one is active to do Roleplays, so right now I'm done, I'm just back to looking for a mature crew/gang.

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I recently just posted a thread to start a new roleplay server. However, this is my 3rd one going and I have learned that the only way to have a good server is through a community that takes it seriously. I understand it's Grand a Theft Auto V but a game without constant violence and crime is much more entertaining without 7 players every game pulling out guns they don't own shooting up other players and such. If you are interested we have an integrated system of how the game works on our site. The link below will bring you to our site. Click "Life Roleplay" on the homepage to be taken to our life roleplay. There are no other members anymore as they have all been removed for this reboot of the server. But there is still evidence of a past roster so just remove it. Also if you would like to join do NOT reply to this. Click "Contact" on the upper right hand side of our website and have each of your friends and you fill out the quick form and be sure to include your gamertags.


LINK - thesaintandreasrp.wix.com/TFLS

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GTA is full of damned kids doing anything for a kill.


Call 'em MurderWhores.

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