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The Zapponi Crime Family

Zapponi Crime Family

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Zapponi Crime Family
In 1925, a man Alfonzo was born into a very poor family. About 5 years after Alfonzo was born, his father, Jimmy Zappani decided to leave their hometown of Palermo, Sicily to move to America to start a whole new life. unfortunately, even in their -found home in Los Santos, they still couldn't escape poverty. While in school, Alfonzo met a boy named Robert Genovese, another local Italian immigrant. Over time, Robert and Alfonzo became best friends. When Robert convinced Alfonzo to help him rob a liquor store, Alfonzo was caught and was forced to join the military as he didn't want to go to jail. After getting dispatched from the army after being shot, Alfonzo was forced to turn to a life of crime with his best friend, Robert as his father had abandoned his family and left them in a massive debt. Robert introduced Alfonzo to a man named Frank Soriano, a made man of the Trevino Crime Family. After meeting him, Frank decided to take Alfonzo under his wing and teach him the ways of the mafia. After doing several jobs for Frank, Alfonzo was busted while attempting to persuade a local businessman to pay his monthly protection fee to Frank. Alfonzo was sentenced to 5 years in jail for assault & battery. While serving his sentence, Alfonzo meets a man named Jimmy Malone, an advisor for the Morano Crime Family. After becoming friendly with Jimmy, Jimmy tells Alfonzo that he could shorten his sentence if he could do some small-time jobs for him. Once Alfonzo is released in 1950, he meets up with his friend, Robert who is now a Capo in the Trevino Crime Family. On Friday of March, 1950, Alfonzo and Robert had decided that after months and months of planning decide to assassinate the Don of the family, Ray Trevino and take the name of the family and change it to Alfonzo's last name, Zapponi. After Alfonzo and Robert killed Ray Trevino, their first order of business was to start fresh and get some new blood for the family. Robert had mentioned to Alfonzo that he had a friend who would be a great asset to the family, a man named Alonzo Andolini. Alfonzo told Robert to set-up a meeting with Alonzo on Friday at 6:00 and to tell him to meet at the Vanilla Unicorn. After the meeting was over, Robert had suggested that Alonzo become the new Consigliere for the family as he had a great deal of knowledge for business. Alfonzo considered and finally decided to agree with Robert. Robert met with Alonzo later that day and offered him a position of Consigliere in the family. Alonzo, without hesitation said Yes almost instantly. After becoming the new Consigliere for the family, Alonzo brought in a whole batch of new members, including Carmine Valenti, a close-personal friend of Alonzo.From there, Carmine brought in a man named Michael Lupisella. Carmine vouched for Michael, which caused him to have the chance to become an Associate of the family.
RankGTAF UsernameGamertagSocial Club ID
DonMr M CaponeBig Al ZapponiSaturns Wrath
UnderbossRobert ZapponiRobert ZapponiDon Demeo Vegas
ConsigliereSalvatore VegasAlonzo ZapponiColonel Day
MinisterVitoZapponiVito ZapponiSNMCxTerror
Head Capo---
Top Soldier---
AssociateT3CH 9CSB MeekUndisclosed
DeVino Crime Family
Gotti Crime Family
Trusino Crime Family
Genovese Commission
Rinato Commission
Valachi Commission



Royal CervettiVito ZapponiBig Al ZapponiDisrespectDrive By
Don Gio GiganteBig Al ZapponiN/ABeing AliveHeavy Pistol To Da Dome
Don ValachiKendall ZapponiAlonzo ZapponiOmertaSniper Round
[table]QuestionsAnswersUsernameAnswerXBL GamertagAnswerSocial Club ID?AnswerAgeAnswerTime ZoneAnswerPlatformAnswerHow Often Do You Visit GTAF?AnswerAny Previous Gang History?AnswerHow Can You Contribute To The Family?Answer[/table]
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Salvatore Vegas

Good work on the topic. I like the story. We need more territory though.

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Remember that "filled" isn't going to cut it for your roster. You can only put members that have a gtaf accounts and you must list their game IDs as well.

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Mr Donnie Vegas

Page looking nice fellas! Good to see some old bros reuniting again. You should make a topic called "The Brians Chicken Palace" :breadfish:

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Mr M Capone

@Mac- We will begin training this weekend

Edited by Mr M Capone
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Mr M Capone

Just to let you all know, Sonetti accidentally shot us. However Mancuso and Sinagra are enemies

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Good Luck Zapponi you guys have a couple of my good friends in your crew. Be nice to meet you guys one day.

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