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Royal Canadian Mounted Police


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Recruiting Status: Open



Hello, and welcome to the RCMP Clan for GTA 4 PC, is a police roleplaying clan for PC that uses mods in their game such as LCPDFR and Braveheart's Policing Scripts.
These script mods produce realistic calls for us to respond to. We have our own vehicle pack with royal Canadian mounted police Department vehicle models & skins.
RCMP strives to be as realistic as possible and conform to the procedures. We use the set of 10-Codes as well as the dispatching & radio procedures.
Here at RCMP, we are all about the realism as far as it can get with GTA IV.
We are trying to create a friendly, serious and fun environment for everybody.
Do you enjoy roleplaying? Do you enjoy teamwork? You want some action?
Feel free to ask more information at our forums.
You are interested but you don't have GTA IV ? No problem become a Dispatcher in the community !
If you are interested in joining the Royal Canadian mounted police Department Clan, you will first need to submit an application.
On this application you will need to answer questions that help us get to know you before entering the RCMP TS server. Once your application is submitted, it will be run through the Admin.
If all checks out and you have completed the application in thoughtful and complete sentences, you will receive a reply by one of our Admin members. In this reply will be information pertaining to the TeamSpeak3 address. When signing on to the Teamspeak3 for the first time, please wait for a Admin or Stuff member to complete your interview. If you get cleared through the interview, you will be transferred to the FTO Department. A FTO will train you on the in and out of game. After completing the training process, you will be assigned as a Cadet, depending on the department you applied to.
Than you will need to one more training for the department you chose and if you finish that training you will become a Police Officer or a Traffic Officer depending on which department you chosen.
Here Are Some Divisions

One of These Is The Traffic Services Unit. Their Job Is To Make Sure People are Safe On The Roads and Stick To the Speed Limits. They are Called In To Block Off Roads In The Event of an Emergency.

Another Division of The RCMP is The General Duty. These Officers are Highly Trained For All Possible Scenarios. From Shootouts To Pursuits, GD's are The Best of The Best!

The RCMP Detectives Observe Gang Activity and Other Crimes In an Attempt To Arrest Criminals. They Can Take Part In Drug Deals Before ERT Comes In To Make The Arrest. Detectives Can Also Take Part In Prostitution Stings In an Attempt To Bring Down Prostitution Levels In The City.

The K-9 Unit Is Called In To Search People and Cars For Drugs, Firearms or Explosives. This Is One of The Most Skilled Jobs Inside The RCMP.

The RCMP Also Has an Air Unit. This Is Called In To Help With Pursuits and Assist The ERT By Dropping Them Off on Roof Tops So They Can Clear a Building. They Also Airlift Injured People Out of an Area and To a Hospital. They Have To Go Through Tough Training Exercises, Be Good at Communicating and Know Their Way Around The City Like The Back of Their Hand!

The Emergency Response Team Responds To Calls When a Person Is Armed and Dangerous, They are Trained To Use Lethal Force If Necessary and To Make Tactical Decisions In a Split Second! Joining The ERT Takes a Lot of Time, Determination and Skill.




GD: Taser,Pistol and Shotgun.

TSU: Taser,Pistol and Shotgun.

ERT: Taser,Pistol,shotgun,MP5,M4
















GD: CVPI, Dodge Charger

TSU: CVPI, Dodge Charger. Ford F-150

ERT: Lenco Bearcat, Chevrolet Tahoe

Undercover: CVPI, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Tahoe


To Be Applicable For The RCMP, You Must Have The Following Qualifications:

-GFWL/Steam Version of GTA IV

-A Working Headset


-Be 13+ Years Old

-Act Mature and Be Good at Role-Playing

Apply On http://gta-besclan.enjin.com

Please Allow Up To 3 Days For The Admins To Review Your Application. Thanks.

*Once You Are Accepted You Will Be Given a Link To The Mod Pack That We Use. It Contains Vehicles, Uniforms, Weapons and Mods.

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