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Billy > Johnny

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iiCriminnaaL 49

Bump, again. Never mind.


I noticed that the leadership styles of Billy and Johnny are similar to those of Mikhail and Dimitri, respectively, and so were the relationships between the first two compared to the last two.


Faustin and Billy were focusing on "showing respect" and going after revenge, looking for their own "pride". Murdering for silliest reasons - "Making too much noise." as Rascalov puts it out. Overall more of act first, think later.


Dimitri and Johnny on the other hand are wiser and more responsible. They were looking forward for truces, deals and whatever is good for business, but still intimidating and effective. They just know when to pick their picks and when to calm. Although I gotta admit that Johnny should've considered dealing with Ray before stealing the money, because even though the Pegorinos were falling apart, they still had enough power to cripple other gangs.


After all, I think that Johnny is a better leader than Billy, same as how I think that Dimitri is a better leader than Mikhail. Billy and Faustin take themselves too seriously as "the leader/the boss", looking at the rest as minor soldiers, and see themselves as invincible, in contrast to how Johnny and Rascalov see it more of a responsibility than a rank, which makes the last two more of ideal leaders in my opinion.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49
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Only that Rascalov wasn't a leader, he was a snake looking to make profit, not to run an organization, same goes for Bill. Now, Johnny never intended to be the leader, he just wanted his crew whole and safe, hard times made him be the leader in the middle of a war cause by others, while getting in bed with mafia and their own civil war, he was tired of that. Johnny did his best in that chaos. Billy just wanted to make money, he didnt care about his brothers.


tl;dr: Billy can suck my dick.

Edited by CreepShow
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iiCriminnaaL 49
On 2/9/2019 at 7:33 PM, CreepShow said:

Only that Rascalov wasn't a leader, he was a snake looking to make profit, not to run an organization, same goes for Bill.

I know that he doesn't have such "loyalty" to the organization he was running, simply because mobs are more of crime "companies" (if that makes sense), which only aim towards profits, whereas motorcycle clubs take brotherhood and freedom into consideration, regardless while making profits or not.


But anyway, I just wanted to point out that both Dimitri and Johnny are aware that deals and truces can keep them and their organizations going on for a further time, in contrast to wars and vendettas.


That is the type of crime boss to be more feared, because he knows more about what makes his organization last longer.

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iiCriminnaaL 49

I'd like to focus the light on the war with the Angels of Death a little.


Despite the fact that Johnny doesn't want to turn the war with Angels into a deadly explosion as far as Billy does, a lot of people forget that he eventually supported the idea of re-provoking it since the first storyline mission. Thus, that doesn't make it feel weird for him to hunt them down even in the Gang Warfare minigame.


"And you know what? Peace and prosperity be damned!" - Johnny.


The idea is, he knows that there's gotta be a limit. You did what you gotta do to "extract" the information you want from Pretty Boy, but you don't have to throw a hammer onto his face. So, similarly, you broke the truce with the Angels, but you don't have to kill their lieutenant to get the war even harder, especially if it was for a silly reason like "crash my party".

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