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Want heists? Use this for now.


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Not by me, but this capture definitely needs to get checked out. Feels like a competitive heist. Loads of fun with 6 people!


Two crews are fighting for the cash inside of The Pacific Bank. Players also have to deal with the police and security guards. Security guards DO respawn after some time, but that doesn't take away from the fun!



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Haha. I just played that one yesterday. Some random invited me and a few of my friends. We ended up replaying it like five times. Good practice.

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Yes, played this last night with a friend who invited me and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Might as well throw mine in here as well, since that link is for 360 and mine's PS3




I see a lot of variations on these and most of them are 16 players. Seems like an invitation to a clusterf*ck to me; those corridors are so small that there's already lots of action and lots of changing hands of the bags. Mine is 8 players. If you want something different, try the #captureweekend tag.

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