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Mechanic Glitch?


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So whenever I call my mechanic it rings longer than usual and then he says 'I'm otherwise occupied, call back later, ya heard?' It's been happening for like a month and when I go to Request Oersonal Vehicle it says I missed my last payment to the mechanic.


So how do I fix that? Is there a way to pay the mechanic manually?

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Go kill some time and have fun on a freeroam lobby. After what feels like a damn hour, you'll be informed that you've payed your mechanic/ payed your apartment utility fee.

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When I call for a vehicle my game/character lags out or should I say freezes slowly until my mechanic calls back and says he can't deliver it.

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If you miss paying a payment, you have to wait a period of time equal to a full day in the game, from which you missed your last payment, and then he will deliver. ThatKidKid415, the reason your game lags out/slowly freezes is when you try to call in a car on an unsuitable road(Dirt roads, etc.). I had the same problem once before.

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