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Any decent cars for these classes?


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I was just wondering if any of you guys know of any decent vehicles in these classes for races. I've just decided to use my extra garage for race cars so if you know of any vehicles which are better for the class feel free to recommend them.


Super: Entity or Adder. Will purchase the Zentorno regardless. I would use the Turismo but it just can't keep up with people that know how to drive in the other more expensive supers and the Entity served me well before I decided to scrap it.

Vans: I plan on getting the Bison

Sedans: Super Diamond

Sports Classic: Monroe

Utility: Sadler


I know most of these classes don't come up because most people just do super cars which is guaranteed to have people that can't race so they wreck everyone. Not to mention I like to mix the classes up when I'm racing against my friends :)

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Super: Cheetah / Turismo R

Vans: -

Sedans: Intruder / Tailgater

Sports Classics: Z-Type

Utility: -


This is what I got OP.

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Super: Entity

Vans: Bison by far. If it's moved to Utility in a future update, go with the Speedo.

Sedans: Schafter

Sports Classic: Z-Type

Utility: Sadler

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Super: Turismo or Adder.

Vans. Bison looks really good tuned.

Sedans. Oracle

Sports Classics: Z-type

Utility: Why do you want an utility car? Also i don´t know if can storage them.

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A Maned Wolf

Super: Infernus or Cheetah

Vans: SP2MP Speedo

Sedans: Felon or Oracle

Sports Classic: Monroe

Utility: Umm, none anymore.

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Super: Pegassi Infernus

Vans: Bravado Bison / Youga

Sedans: Obey Tailgater

Sports Classics: Albany Manana

Utility: - nope


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No such thing there are many cars for each class that are tied... a d the driver makes the difference

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