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GTA IV: Loading Takes Forever


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Hey there..

i've been having problems with the game.

first of all... the xlive.dll problem.. the game wouldn't start..

now.. after that problem was fixed, the game doesn't load.

Say, the startup screen, when you enter "start" tab, it loads... and it takes forever to load!


its not just that..

it wont let me change my graphic options...




Installed on win8 x64

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Moved to IV troubleshooting (was posted in V section)


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What problem did you have before and how did you fix it?

Are you using any mods?

Have you updated the game with the latest patch?

Have you tried turning off VSync from the game settings?


To change your graphics options, you can use the '-norestrictions' command. Create a commandline.txt file in your GTA IV folder and put '-norestrictions' in it (without the single quotes).

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