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GTA Online.net?


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I was thinking for a while now but never decided to post it. but f*** it I will now.
Has Rockstar, GTAForums and even some fans consider GTA Online to be a seperate thing to GTA V I was wondering if GTA Online have its own GTA Network website. The GTAV.net website is a tad slow for news, and many updates, news and interesting articles are on the forums but like the good old days, would love if they were on its respected network site. Considering we might have GTA Online for years to come it would be ideal.

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i'm sure it's high on their priorities...

it's exactly what they need, another place where the zombies go plead for:




repeat x1000/hour



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Never heard of those gta net sites.


But my answer to the main question will be; Why not? Gee, I won't use the site at all, but if it makes other happy, then a minor population of whiners might stop whining. yaaay


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Think you'd be better posting this in the suggestions section. It'll probably get locked in here.


Never heard of those gta net sites.



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