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GTA IV : New weapons without trainer spawning? Modded Gun Shop?

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This is one thing that kind of urks me about GTA games, is the lack of variety of guns. While its alright theres about 2-3 guns for each class, in such a world you should be able to buy what ever you can get, be it legal civie weapons like a semi-auto AR-15, or black market automatic AK47's.

I'd love to know if theres a way to add new weapons to GTA 4 without a weapon spawner or replacing existing guns. I don't like spawning weapons unless perhaps theres a way to make it so you have to pay for spawned weapons.

I'd rather have some other way of getting added mod weapons, either by drops, secrete stashes, or a modified gun shop that sells mod weapons.


It'd really be nice if I could add more variety to the game without a trainer. I hope theres something out there.


btw, i already have xliveless (ASI laoder), Scripthook, and Scripthook.net, so I should be good for most mods.

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Since the need for adding cars without modifying vehicles.IMG is to create a new *.IMG file that contains the new cars , i think ( but not sure ) that it's maybe possible to create a script mod that use a brand new *.IMG file containing new weapons ( or weapons that are not in the common weapons.img ) .


But this new IMG file may be common to everyone to work ( or maybe not ? ) .


Coders should answer if its possible .

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I added 20 new guns via adding it to a "newwep.img" I made.

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Well aren't there a few mods out that that make use of already existing weapon slots? Without needing to replace weapons, people can use the EPISODIC slots.


What OP is talking about, is that even if you do that - you have to spawn the weapon. Nobody has bothered making a mod where you can buy these extra weapons.


I always thought the best way to go about this (if possible) is to edit the models and scripts or something for Jacob's/Terry's/Luis' friend's gun vehicle. And instead of buying weapons that are already available in the stores, you would buy the modded-in weapons from your friend's car.

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Posted (edited)

why is there not a mod that adds these weapons to a gun dealer like little jacob or at the very least a script that makes a random door a "Arms dealer" and then you scroll through a menu to select the gun and have money taken out for the fee. that'd be the easiest thing ever, i cant code but why is this not a thing yet?


Edited by McBando

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