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GTA's flip flop between serious and silly

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What do you guys think of gta's constantly changing divide between realism and wackiness? I'll divide each gta between the division of seriousness and silliness IMO. It's alot to read sorry

GTA 1, GTA 1961-9, GTA 2
The game is pure action and destruction with some hilarious characters

It had your run of the mill revenge story with a ton funny dialogue and radio comedy, but you also had the feeling that the main character was not subject to your interpretation of him.... A real psycho. And the there's Donald Love,,,,,,

The characters were more fleshed out, and the character's motivation is pretty good. Tommy's actions are pretty crazy too, but we get the same hilarious cartoony characters.

This is one of those liberties the developer took. The story is a lot more dark but some of the missions are really over the top

Much more drama and the cartoony characters were not as big in number. The game also takes another step into the realistic realm with the use of real life inspiration on certain events.

A return to the gta 3 formula but with more crazy characters that switch from funny crazy to real crazy.

This is where the shift comes in. The game is filled with drama and serious scenes, but with a good amount of fun missions and dialogue.

Dear god the whole game is nothing but plot.... With some funny characters but that still manage to remain human. The missions are very similar as NIko is a hitman with war experience but not bad at all but clearly not for all

Almost everything joyful about this game is overridden by the sheer amount of hell the protagonist go through.

Much more lighthearted than the last two but still seems to follow a similar theme of conflict between friends. That and there are some tense moments in here that would seem out of place(the severed head being an example)

This a strange one. The whole triad plot is really the only gritty thing about the game. Everything is presented as a classic gta cartoon, but the main character maintained the serious mood throughout the whole thing. It's a strange gumbo

It's getting back there but it's also filled to the brim with the personal issues of our protagonists and there friends and family. The torture scene and very realistic characters also puts it here.

So what do you guys feel? You like your gta more true crime or more saints row?

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GN 1992

I agree with you, except for the GTAV part.


I find it to be the most realistic, with the best storyline, but they should've made it longer.

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Personally, I prefer the dark, gritty and realistic approach.

I'm starting to come round to the idea of a new Vice City, but it needs to have the same feel as Hotline Miami. That game has the perfect tone to it, it's got a crazy, surreal, almost hallucinogenic feel to it, while at the same time being dark and sleazy. You can feel the cocaine and sticky Florida heat as you massacre gangsters in sleazy motel rooms.

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Are we just talking plot? Cause gta iv is ridiculous outside of the story.

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After 100% GTA SA AND GTA V....I realized GTA IV is very bad when it comes to gameplay.

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After 100% GTA SA AND GTA V....I realized GTA IV is very bad when it comes to gameplay.

This i couldnt agree more with (sadly).

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Budweiser Addict

Before IV I don't think I ever wanted, or expected, a serious GTA game. However once I played it, it became apparent to me that I much prefered this approach. That said I do enjoy the silly approach too, but some things (.e.g Jetpack) I can't stand.


But what I think should be happening from now on is that it should alternate between the two for each installment. Hacing one serious, and the next silly, would suit me fine and appeal to both sides of the fanbase.

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