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Official GTAV Whine and Complain Thread


Recommended Posts

GTA San Andreas its still better in realism, fun, missions, side missions, etc than GTA V (only the graphics GTA V its better).

Edited by Candy Su3x
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Claims of a cheaters only realm isn't scarring anyone. The number of cheaters online is getting overwhelming. Almost to the point where it's not fun anymore unless you only play missions. It's hard to maintain being an honest player.


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why the f*ck is there tennis. i mean San Andres had basketball. and now you try and force me to play a females game. shame on you!!!


seriously i bet they were waiting to see if Andy Murray won Wimbledon to see if they could publish it in to the game. shame on you Scottish pride!!!


then yoga, i bet ever yoga instructor f*cking hates GTA. i mean its a pacifists love. and its so boring. every one has the same routine. and even if it had it'd still be boring as sh*t. And the little cut screen where Michael/Trevor have to change positions f*cking infuriates me. shame on you pacifits!!!

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This is the worst f*cking game of all time. I've never seen more glitches in my life in a game that considers itself "top shelf".


After the the stimulus pack & update, I still managed to have 3 super-class cars (fully pimped out) vanish out of my garage, all at different times.


Every single time I play this game, it throws some glitchy bullsh*t in my face and immediately makes me want to turn off the game & snap it in half. That's not exactly the type of emotion you should set out to get from people while making a product labeled "entertainment". The label this game should carry is "half-rate junk shop crap".


This game isn't worth the sh*t off my shoe, no lie. What a pathetic f*cking joke, like could you idiots (R*) waste any more of people's time?! There's no way you could.


The ONLY useful thing you can do at this point with sh*tty GTA 5 is sell it to GameStop. F*ck you R*.

Edited by NeedleBanger
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I like how this stupid f*cking game will ALWAYS delete your most expensive sh*t, as opposed to your cheapest. Real slick there R*, you guys are industry leaders :^:

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My favorite thing about GTA 5 is this:


R* obviously thought they could engineer this game to stack the deck against us (players), by nickel & diming the sh*t out of us to no end. The ONLY explanation for this is that R* actually wants you to be broke in the game, and eventually get fed up with that rat-race until you cave & pay R* real cash for fake in-game money.


The evidence of this theory is everywhere in GTA 5.


Unfortunately for you clowns at R*, countless thousands of people have found holes in your bullsh*t game & have been pulling out millions (and in some cases billions) through glitches that you retards are still too dumb to fix! It's astonishing how stupid R* is. I guess your little black-hand scam is out the window R*. Employees probably got murdered for this scam not working properly.


So fast forward a day or 2, now all these overnight GTA millionaires own the best vehicles that money can buy (tanks, boats, choppers), and they all eventually found out the exact same thing - THIS GAME SUCKS! Have a pleasant time legitimately earning $1,750,000 for an attack chopper, only to discover how stupid it is. Same goes for tanks & boats. Have fun earning millions of dollars for top-end cars w/ full upgrades only to watch them slowly disappear, even after R* claims they fixed that glitch. Only a brain-dead hockey helmet wearin' f*ggot would defend this garbage game.

Edited by NeedleBanger
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I give Rockstar props for an amazingly designed and beautifully built world. Hell.. just the sound design alone deserves an award for it's complexity and realism.


That said tho, game play wise I've been pretty much playing solo mode, robbing the same stores,, blowing the doors off armoured cars and picking up packages etc.. real boring after the 50th time. (also went through several lost characters, vehicles and money like most people.)


Finally, despite all this I saved up 1.7 mill and bought the Buzzard, only to find out that you have to pay $1000 every time you fly it, it spawns halfway across the map, it's not considered a personal vehicle & you can't insure it.

So any newbie who used the original money glitch can blow you out of the sky with their jet any time they want.


Now… finally the half mill "incentive" package arrives. Ok… yay. I bought an apartment. 150 grand. No chance to check it out first.

I go in for the first time and there's dirty underwear on the floor, beer cans everywhere, stupid fight posters on the walls… hell, there's not even a decent bong to smoke for gods sake.

Last night, I go in the apartment and there's 3 guys in suits, half spawned on my couch so only the top half of their bodies are showing, and they're talking really loud …

I'm like… wtf?? Why are there half mutilated computer characters spawning in my apartment?


Got the free Elegy… stupidly put 150 grand into upgrading it… then drove it into the river cause I realized it drives like crap in reverse and you can't see out the back window in first person mode.

Ruled out most of the super cars too cause you can't see out the back window either. (some of us do need to drive in reverse, ya know)

I'm still using the Shyster I got when I started the game but can't upgrade anything unless I win 50 boring races. So I suppose I'll be doing that for the next month. Hell, I don't know whether to like this game or hate it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

- The Strangers and Freaks missions are pointless. Who would approach a random person and ask them to destroy sale signs or find letter scraps or submarine pieces. So silly.

- The game story doesn't make sense like old games. In GTA3 and Vice City most of the missions had something to do with the story. Claude met the Mafia, Triads and Cartel. He didn't go off and do yoga for 100% completion.

- Just complete a mission, don't have a percentage. Some of the 100% mission requirements are stupid: Enter Chop's perspective, Punch a valet, torture the guy with every instrument, don't stuff up yoga poses, switch characters ten times, walk into a pool for no reason, fire over 4000 bullets, watch live news feed, complete within a certain time, etc. Do what the mission asks - complete it. Done.

- Need better controls for golf and especially tennis.

- New controls for driving without being able to change back.

- Cars that you are chasing have an easier time at shooting you.

- I can't save pictures I take with the phone because I am not online. I could save pics in San Andreas.

- Characters can die when I am not playing them during a gunfight.

- Pedestrians call the cops if you stand near them.

- There are too many things to do to complete 100% that are just stupid or pointless. Just have the story and maybe some hidden packages and let the player just roam around and have fun.

- Having 3 characters. You have to play each one to get their stats up instead of just having one character. You still end up driving and doing everything yourself no matter who you are playing so you only need one character. That way you build up everything for that person instead of wasting time with pointless characters.


These complaints are annoying but, they don't make me hate buying or playing the game. I still enjoy it. Just hope GTA6 will return to the 'less is more' adage.

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ALL positives and negatives considered, I'd rate SP V an 8/10. Here's what bothered me most:


1. Rectangular Radar w/Curved Map

It's hard to stay moving in one direction. When North approaches corners it leaps left/right. I'm sick of the street map too. I'd much prefer the circular shape w/satellite view.


2. Elevation Bubble

At high altitudes I feel like I'm stuck in a tiny globe or bubble. Give me a flat and never-ending skyline please.


3. Fishtail From Hell

I like the car driving mechanics except for this aspect. All fishtail too easily and it's nearly impossible to spin out of it and keep going.


4. Police Stupidity


5. Saving Photographs

Requires online uploads, really? And there's a limit too? Shouldn't I get to save them to my hard drive and upload IF I want to? Yuh.


6. The App(s)

Ridiculous. I want to train Chop in-game only.


7. Stock Market

Only benefits online players.


8. Drunken Helicopters

Stop with the wind gusts and stabilize these please.


9. Aiming/Shooting From Vehicles

Horrendous controls, really.


10. Player Camera

That thing is an asshole. Can't look up/down all the way. It wanders on its own and then gets stuck in a lazy side view when I'm trying to quickly run or drive away. Here's an idea: Face the action! If I change direction, snap it quickly back behind me. It has no problem making it impossible to look sideways at the scenery when driving fast - so much so, I have to fight with it so WTF?!


Ahh, that felt good. :)

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-No crouching


-No prone


-Too many unaccessible vehicles


-Those stupid trees that ruin your off road or downhill ride


-No money to make after game is over


-The auto aim is horrible, and the cpu players do nothing to help with the mission


-The aim on the helicopter is trash. Its all bouncy and there is no way to steadily aim at anything which makes it impossible to actually hit your main target


-The damage radius for the grenade is ridiculously small, and I struggle to use it when it is needed most: flushing enemies out of their cover


-Car get caught on rocks and are immovable too often

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My character doesn't know how to smoke a bong properly, stands up too quick after he tokes and gets a head rush every time.

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Online: As a girl character, when she coughs off of smoking a bong it's clearly a guy coughing. When f*cking a prostitute, same thing.


Of course the multiple updates that hinder the farming of characters, as if the whole farming process wasn't tedious enough, especially since they make social commentary about hoe such tediousness exists within lesser games today in their in-game commercials. Seems like they're just being dicks.


11/27/2013: still no heists. Among other things they promised, like loving me after popping my cherry. WTF?


More garage space both in single player and online. Seriously, they make pretty decent cars, which would be nice to store in a multitude of properties.


More interior locations, especially apartment locations. How about mansions, Scarface style.


Once you're at 100% or even something like 90.00% or more there's really nothing worthwhile to do in single player. Even online, past level 70 it's just more tedium. Where's staying ahead of the curve of gaming, Rockstar?


This and others like it posts: No one will read them and it's just busy work for the NSA and various other spy agencies around the world...


In regards to online, the constant limiting of gaining RP and money, but at least they're making sure no ones glitching to make money (which is not 100% true, because like the Jurassic Park quote, life finds a way, or in this case, cheaters/glitchers find a way, while the rest of us pay. Like in real life (see bankers and various other wall street dickholes).


While switching to Trevor can sometimes be funny, most of the time, it's very annoying, waiting for him to sober up or getting away from a two-star wanted level. I get it, he's a wild card. Rockstar really phoned it in with this game, even though there's a lot about it I do love, there's far more I find very annoying. I know you can't please everyone, but not including flamethrowers, arcade games that have 8-bit games like Bully, throwable melee weapons, a casino you can enter and gamble in. Queensbbury Boxing Club, which you can hear adverts for on the radio (and which hopefully will bw included in a latter free DLC).


The constant phone calls both in single player and online. The single player phone calls are always from the many businesses you own and it's always the same boring, tedious, annoying mission. What happened to friends calling to hang out, like in GTA 4. And the constant online phone calls from Lester, Brucie, Ron, Martin, etc. saying the same thing over and over. Even when you're at level 70 and you're still hearing the same sh*t they were saying at level 20. It's lime Rockstar doesn't want us to play their games.


That's it for now, but there are many more.

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Agreed. Problem is with every update the rest of us get screwed. The cheaters will still find a way. And rightfully so. These Rockstar f*cks are dicks. Needless to say, and painfully so, this will be the last Rockstar product I buy. I don't care if they promise blowjobs with purchases, this is the last. And not just because of the online issues, which there are many.

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Sadly, Rockstar is like all the other big, sh*tty companies. Verizon, Comcast, Apple. They're all the same. Once they have our money, it's empty promises and fake apologies. We're at the whims of these mega-corporations. We just have to stop buying their drugs/products. Which won't happen. Sadly.

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Sadly, Rockstar is like all the other big, sh*tty companies. Verizon, Comcast, Apple. They're all the same...


now take into consideration all of the stuff in the game about surveillance, datamining, and consumer-abuse, combined with how rockstar made it so you have to connect online/to their social network if you want something other than a demo disc...

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I hate the shooting mechanics. The whole run and gunning feature is useless as you don't move much faster than you normally would. Why can't I hip fire pistols while running? Why is there absolutely no recoil? I shouldn't be able to hit an enemy about 100 meters away with an SMG with dead accuracy! Even San Andreas was more realistic in that aspect. I thought the shooting mechanics in RDR were great. You could take it slowly by using cover or you could just run around guns blazing.

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- The driving bugs me a bit but I'm getting used to it.. It's too easy, not as fun as it was in IV.

- The melee combat is somewhat dull I find.

- Hunting and other activities seem a bit pointless.

- I was really hoping for bears.

- The cops know what you did, even if you're in the middle of nowhere making no noise.


Other than that, I'm fairly satisfied I guess. I'd say the game is 7.5/10 or 8/10 for me.

Edited by mr.canEHdian
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I just want them to fix the traffic spawning so that it doesnt become repetitive after half an hour of play. That's all.


Then again, if we're being totally idealistic I suppose I wouldnt say no to the casino being open. Poker, blackjack, roulette. Good way to lose money. :D

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Lock n' Stock

I'll list EVERY single complaint I have with the game here.



The Wanted System: My biggest complaint of the game. Yeah, I've bitched about it plenty of times before. I wish it would be tweaked a bit, they're so aggressive and powerful that they can ruin alot of fun to be had in the game. Their response to minor crimes, like a 3-star wanted level for knocking out a cop with a stealth kill. They will rarely try to capture you alive, and just attempt to shoot you dead. The FIB are EVEN worse. Just the way they shoot at you on the sides of SUVs (this makes car chases hell) and their very good accuracy with weapons. I like how helicopters now have rappelling forces again and road spikes are back (which GTA IV lacked), but you will get f*cked over within a minute unless you plan out your police rampages, save in between or use Trevor's special ability to attempt and fend them off. Escaping on motorcycles or quads is suicide because of how easy you can get knocked off. I didn't want them to be as easy as GTA IV (where you could gun them down easily without using the cover system) but I also don't want it extremely punishing and unfair.


The Activity Variety: There is a good amount of stuff to do in V like the rampages, arms trafficking, bounty hunting, assassination missions and races. Other than that though, there is severe lack of focus on crime-related activities like gang wars and drug running, and instead boring sport and leisure like yoga, tennis and golf. While there are decent pastimes at best, I'll rather play Wii Sports for this kind of stuff. There's even a stadium which could have been used for bloodring events but they didn't bother I suppose. It's a shame as well because alot better activities were planned during development (from Ash's discovery) though I guess they didn't have room for them and picked out the most boring things to do. I hope future DLC solves this.


Blowing Up Vehicles: GTA IV was pretty easy to set cars on fire. You could just blast a shotgun through the windscreen or fire at the gas-tank above the back wheels. In GTA V, you can actually blow up a vehicle pretty easily by shooting the gas-tank, though it only works on one side this time. However, it does blow up instantly rather than just set on fire though it does take more shots. Shooting the windscreen no longer works though you can fire at the front engine which will take longer. This is a minor complaint I have, so it's not much of a game breaker for me.


Lack of Interiors: Los Santos and Blane County do have some interesting places such as skyscrapers, mountains, caves and an underwater sewer system. However, there is a huge lack of interiors here compared to GTA IV. Even fast food restaurants aren't enterable this time (which they have been since at least Vice City) nor can you enter your own businesses you purchased, even though Tequi-la-la has an interior as evidenced by a Strangers & Freaks mission for Trevor. There are some, such as a police station and convenience stores to rob around the map. Whenever the small number of interiors is due to lack of space, I don't know.


Vehicle Physics: This is not all bad for me. I'm fine with the handling itself and I do like how you can now flip back over cars or move it around while in air. However, the physics feel a bit downgraded and sometimes like Saints Row. GTA IV let you flip over cars by ramming into the sides of them, though here it's not as possible since they stick to the ground better. Regarding motorcycle physics, the handling is decent for me though some bikes just aren't that very fun to drive. Some (such as the PCJ-600 and Sanchez) lack the ability to even do a decent drift properly. Doing wheelies feels incredibly stiff and hard to do at higher speeds. They felt much more fluid in GTA IV so I don't know what happened. You can barely turn around while doing wheelies unlike other installments. Helicopter physics are a big gripe for me. It's mainly the Buzzard which is only good for firing missiles at cars. Other than that, the miniguns are useless and almost impossible to get a decent aim at anything, and don't spread out enough like they did in TBOGT. The missiles can barely lock onto helicopters as well.


Health: While health regeneration is a useful addition, your health amount in this game just feels too low even with the Strength stat maxed out. This is one of the things that make the wanted system so hard, because you are less resistant to bullet damage and armor is almost useless. Even regenerating health is flawed as it goes up pretty slow and just about halfway, and only does it if you're standing completely still, making you an easy target for hostile enemies. As realistic as it is, it makes the game really frustrating.


Lacking Vehicles: Not a big deal, I wish vehicles like the Hunter and drivable trains had been included. A Hunter was featured during an in-game movie trailer and a train was drivable in one mission, so what happened? The return of the Rhino and flyable planes almost makes up for it.



There you have it. Had these issues been resolved, this would probably be my favourite GTA game to date. Rockstar dropped the ball on several things, it depresses me in a way. What is my rating for the game? Depends really, it can vary from 8.5/10 to 9.5/10, just not sure to be honest. The game is great when these things aren't around to infuriate you, but when these issues do come in, you can't help but feel there was a missed opportunity here and there.

Edited by xXGst0395Xx
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  • 2 months later...

Since this topic has been bumped, maybe all future whingers will post here instead of starting new threads!

Edited by Barefoot Tiger
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All the searching Grand Senora Desert that I've done for that Cheval Picador with a dead woman in the back has turned up nothing. All I want, is that car, with the dead body in the back!

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I hope that whiners will use this thread instead of spamming the site with GTA V SOKS!!!!111 messages :^:

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

The V section has always had its lows, but after the release of V, its hit rock bottom. It isn't my favorite place on this forum to post anymore and the reason being is due to all of the whining about whiners.


Its as if there should be a banner when you enter the V section that states: ***Do not post anything negative otherwise suffer the [regular user-given]consequences***


Many newcomers presume that the V section is a "praise only" section where we do not complain, we just talk about how great V is and anything else related to it of which is not negative. In truth, though, that is not true. Barely true at all and people need to wake up and realize that. I've even seen a mod, name withheld, think this place is supposed to be mostly positive. No it isn't, this is a discussion board for DISCUSSION and nowhere is it written that its not recommended to state negative opinions.


People here just like to bash others for their opinions simply because they are negative and it makes me despise this place. Act like negative opinions are not allowed anywhere else on this forum and you will get ripped apart, but do that here and you will fit in and be supported. That-that really says something doesn't it?

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well I [personally] don't have any problem about criticism. CRITICISM. not "gtGay v soks!!!!11 i deslek des gam so ill go to GTAF to sbam et wed me hat on gtGay v!!!!!!!!!"

people like those are what we don't want. but people who do points the bad side with little to nowhere 'feeling' that the dude is 'gtGay v hater' are totally welcome. as long as you don't shove it down our asses, you're free to say what's your opinion about V :^:

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All in honesty, the V section was always a breeding ground for stupidity and arrogance. Take a look at your local Chuck E Cheese, throw in some bad grammar, mix in some CAPS LOCKS, and add a sprinkle of complete confusion and pointlessness and there you had the V section in a bundle. Of course when V was released it died down but really, really, nobody with a brain really actually bothered to spend more than fifteen minutes here a day. Maybe that's why so many people got angry at the game and completely thought up this elaborate version of V that Rockstar could never cater to.


Being the thread-starter, I find it awfully funny to actually have no problems with V and enjoying it, commending Rockstar for being able to do what they've done considering the 360 was on the way out with outdated software and hardware. Of course Online is a f*cking mess, but I'm not much of an Online player really so I find no problem with things I don't have to deal with.




People here just like to bash others for their opinions simply because they are negative and it makes me despise this place. Act like negative opinions are not allowed anywhere else on this forum and you will get ripped apart, but do that here and you will fit in and be supported. That-that really says something doesn't it?


I like V. I enjoy it as a game--Story mode and free-roam mostly. However if somebody has a gripe with something I love, I find myself dealing with it in the most simplest of ways: You do not like what I like, and that is completely agreeable because you aren't me. If you didn't like V for a certain reason, I may disagree with you, because it's all relative. I might like the driving more while you like the IV's handling system. Does it really matter if I don't like a product you don't? I will enjoy the game and if your opinion is the opposite, I'm not going to bash you for it, I'm going to let you have your own say because you're entitled to have it, just like your preference.

Edited by Ziggy455
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"I might have laughed if I'd have remembered how."


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