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Official GTAV Whine and Complain Thread


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I just got around to starting an E&E playthrough a few days ago. The DualSense features, while a tad gimmicky, are well-done, and I'm interested to see how much further they can be taken in VI. It would have been nice to have TAA, ray tracing, camera/per-object motion blur (because I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes keeping it enabled) and 9th Gen GTAO content on PC; but I've pretty much given up on it ever making it to the platform (the same goes for RDR1). The one thing I miss the most from having a modded PC install is an admittedly minor gripe that I've bitched about time and time again, but I still think it bears repeating (in the delusional hope that somebody at Rockstar is listening and that it's not too late to course correct in GTA VI): why, in the ever-loving f*ck, can you not leave your car's engine running like in IV? Almost 11 years after the fact, it continues to baffle me that R* thought it was a good idea to "fix" something that was never broken in the first place. It's not like it would have been complicated to implement, because modders were able to restore it almost immediately after the PC version launched. 


It's technically still possible to leave the engine running, but for whatever reason, it only works when you either:

  1. Bail from an already-moving vehicle (which hurts you and will probably leave you far away from the car, so what's even the point?)
  2. Make sure you are in an "agitated" state before getting out. I’ve found that the most consistent method to get this to work is to open the car door, punch/kick it or fire a weapon (regardless of what you do, you'll likely trigger a wanted level, so you may as well just give up here. The wanted system in V has too many problems of its own), get in the car, and immediately exit as soon as the engine starts. Then and only then, will you be able to do what a simple button tap accomplished in 2008. However, these steps are so oddly specific, that I'm still perplexed as to whether it was an intentional design choice or an oversight on the coders' part. (I honestly wouldn't be surprised either way. After all, this is the same game that, for a time, was programmed to literally give animals the ability to report any crimes you've committed.)


EDIT: The lack of good ways to make money outside of a combination of heists (far too many story missions give you jack sh*t, including one of the aforementioned heists) and abusing the stock market also continues to frustrate me.

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Taking fall damage reduces your Armour instead of affecting only your health bar.

This was not the case in previous GTA game , your armor gets reduced only after taking hit from bullets (it's called bulletproof armor for a reason)

Also the armour itself was pretty weak & useless in V , take few bullet shots and it's gone.

They should have increased the health & armour bar for increasing stats like stamina & shooting



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Max Payne

Despite the game having the player health refill up to %50 and protagonists having special abilities, game is so difficult in a weird way. Police AI respawn instantly, player's health barely counts, their cars have a super acceleration feature and Swat teams do that rapid fire thing as if they stole an M16 from GTA III and modified it. Can the player even survive that rapid fire thing outside of cover if they have full armor?

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Really cannot stand sh*t ass elitist mod makers who have the social skills of a doorknob and do not want to talk about anything with anyone.


Like oh my god, you're not special. Especially if you're showing stuff off, do not act upset when someone asks about it. As someone who makes stuff, and seems to be the only one who knows how to work and remodel a damn car interior... I don't act that way. It can be busy and overwhelming but jesus christ, every other modder with talent is an utter douchebag and I'm like damn... this sh*t must be the only thing going for you guess I'd be bitter too. Or not, that's some real loser mentality.



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