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Official GTAV Whine and Complain Thread


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5 hours ago, newbiemann said:

When I climb Mt. Chiliad with the wanted level, a police car comes down the road from the top of the mountain.
Why are there police on the mountain? Were they ordered to make an emergency dispatch while hiking?


It's funny though, when you're in an helicopter and you watch them fall off while trying to follow you or speeding in the trails.

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It seems that I'm stuck with doing absolutely nothing other than sit around all day long with all 3 characters


I'm sure that I haven't finished all the missions, and they come around in no particular order

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  • 4 weeks later...

The mountains, I never liked them in the story mode they had no use except a bit vinewood area and chiliad, the other 4 of them you never once visited them aside collectibles and easter eggs, like Gordo and Josiah, at least in the online mode with the different cars it can be quite fun to climb and jump from those but for story mode the usual cars couldn't go up them and you would crash frequently and instant death from such height.


In the online mode they sure can be fun though, for the reasons that the cars don't explode easily when rolled over from up there, character has more health and many dlc cars can actually climb them easily like the toreador and the insurgent..


Their only other issue is that they aren't as detailed, and the forest area being way too small for what real life California has. But this issue is only because it's a game from the ps3/xbox360 era.

Edited by 44Orca


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  • 3 weeks later...

Pls can i join ur server



  • excuseme 2
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Going through the sound .rel sounds and I'm really scratching my head. I've noticed a lot of luxury cars have that annoying "click" sound any time your car makes a gear change. I'm like why? Come to find out, there's a value called "gearsticknoise" or something and they are set higher than most cars. Why? You would think super cars would have that, or anything with a visible gated 6-speed. But no. Some of the most common annoyances and little pet peeves of mine are the result of very simple config decisions that often leave me scratching my head. This along with the constant backfire from exhausts. Forza does this too, but I hate it. Unless it's a modified car, a rally car, or a super car, it shouldn't be spitting flames and not often either. Cars backfire these days, but you won't see flames unless they're what I just listed. CodeWalker is a dream because yeah, I just decided to nuke all of those values.

Edited by ddarko12
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15 hours ago, ddarko12 said:

This along with the constant backfire from exhausts.

Yes, it annoys me so much. Why do they have to make every single new car so sport-ish with exhaust pops? Even if it's just a normal hatchback ...

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Good day, this is my resignation. 

Ive been playing GTA 5 online since it dropped. Dabbled in a little bit of the 4 as well.  I can proudly call myself a gamer. Yes I have a full time job, yes I have a social life, and family, and all my bills are paid..  I just really enjoy playing video games.. But with this one im done. I've checked in for all the cool little updates, and leveled up, made money. It seems that through all of the updates, all of the new cool additions, heists, missions, and promotions,  one thing has persisted. Cheating. Invisible glitches, God mode, God mode cars, Teleporting, Scoping across the map, Scoping through walls?? ACROSS THE MAP?? Me being the competitive spirit that I am, I took to google, and youtube. I began learning from all these videos on how to do exactly what these players were doing to me and so many other players who attempted to play clean. Thus began a long phase of cheating to beat cheaters, learning new glitches and tactics to get one up on the other guy to the point where we aren't even playing GTA anymore.. thousands of players online aren't playing this game the way it was intended to be played. While I did have a little bit of fun traversing deep deep deeeeeep into the rabbit hole of glitches and wall hacks, it became more stressful than anything. One second im playing the game the right way, maybe buying some clothes, the next im getting killed and don't know where they are, then I find them and they're in god mode, so now I have to go in god mode, so he cant kill me all while trying to do another glitch to get him out of god mode, all while multiple other players in the lobby start doing the same thing or something even more sketchy. We end up in this cycle of merciless toxicity changing our core beings into these ugly insulting angry players... even though online is already toxic in general.  I could just find a new lobby.. but then id be changing lobbies every 5 minutes. Im good at a lot of games, I don't consider being the best cheater as being good at a game. Honesty it ruins the game for those who aren't fortunate enough to do research and clap back. some people just hop from lobby to lobby every time a cheater approaches them. It seems to me like these guys get more out of the game than the ones who play clean, and that's kinda sad lol. Ill check in for all the little updates till they stop dropping, but when it comes to wanting to play something after a long days work, something smooth, something entertaining, and endorphin stimulating. this ant it for me. Goodluck to you all ❤️     




Edited by skizzy187
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Anyone else here who hates Michael? What a stupid character he is! Wish he never existed! Fuc* Michael. He is the worst character in the game! He is a dumb-ass character. You remember what he did to Franklin? He literally ruined his job in the car dealership and his relationship with Simeon. He also used to annoy his family because, he never cared for them and had barely any friends in the game. Remember when he gave Jimmy drugs? He used to make them feel scared of him! That's why his family left him! They were totally right about him. I don't know why many people like him. He even betrayed Brad, and Trevor during the beginning. Instead of trying to save his friend, he just faked his death and let Brad die instead, and then gave Trevor a suspicion about Brad's death and lied to him by hiding it. He even annoyed Franklin too many times by getting him involved in arguments with him and Trevor. I hope Michael burns to hell. His existence is disgusting!

Edited by Joebar
  • KEKW 1
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Hey pal, I respect your opinion each one has its fundamentals. I also don't much like the Michael character, but he's even a good character, it's a well built character in game. 

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2 minutes ago, jonhyosbourne said:

Hey pal, I respect your opinion each one has its fundamentals. I also don't much like the Michael character, but he's even a good character, it's a well built character in game. 

Hey pal, I just followed you! Would you like to follow me back?

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