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Official GTAV Whine and Complain Thread

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  • MiamiViceCity1986


  • Gnocchi Flip Flops


  • Dryspace


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Ok. Lets try and keep all the Whining and Complaining in one huge thread. Instead of complaining about something in a thread 50 times like I have saw so far. you now have a dedicated place to post your views on the game.

1) Feel free to complain about whatever aspect of the game 'grinds your gears' as it were.

2) Complain about the game, not about other members. Not about this forum.

3) If your opinions are challenged, feel free to ignore said challenge. You do not have to justify your posts in this thread.

4) Please adhere to the Forum Rules.

Thank You.

Have Fun.

Edited by ~Tiger~
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I suggested this thread yesterday for all those whiney b*****s complaining about graphics, how the arms looked,the arms? Stfu,really. Hopefully mods will lock all their threads n send them here.

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**being sarcastic for the sake of replying**


Waaaah the bushes are to fake looking waaah the stones on the ground look flat waaah this game isn't like the sims waaah my mommy won't let me play the game waaah my Xbox broke because its 6 years old and has 1000s of hours of game play on it and the optical lens sh*t the bed waaah why can't they release the game early ....sorry guys I had too nobody should be complaining about the game especially since we havnt played it yet

Edited by GTA5FAN055
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Now THIS is a good thread! colgate.gif


1. Way too many 12 year old squeakers making stupid threads/replying to stupid threads thinking they're good threads

2. Mods doing nothing about the stupid threads

2. Flood control time should be reduced to 20 seconds



3. PS3 is the best cool.gifanuj_cop.gif NO, Xbox IS THE BEST


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Problem with a thread like this on this forum is that ANYTHING that isn't sucking up Rockstar's ass is seen as whinging.


Granted, there are some stupid threads here, but there are some genuine discussion worthy threads that could get swept up in the whinging category just because they're not worshiping Rockstar.


Bottom line is if you don't want to read something, don't. It's not that hard. Tbh, some of the more stupid threads i've seen here recently haven't been complaint threads at all.

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when i get home with the game i have to wait for the install before playing it sad.gif

i dont think i´m gonna be able to handle that.


screw it they can keep there game wink.gif

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So far I dont like the radio songs still doesnt beat Vice City and San Andreas, and if the leaked theme song is real its another disappointment for me after IV's amazing theme.

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Well then explain why there are a bunch of threads about someone's crapbox breaking but none about a PS3 cool.gif

Hmm.. I too wonder. May be PS3 is brought by many screwdrivers tounge.gif


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I'd like to whine about people whining, please.


Erm.. what can I say. This GTA is actually quite perfect for me. I haven't played it yet and something may annoy me. Oh.. probably having a pop station. I know it's probably more realistic but most GTA players don't like Pop. It's what set GTA differently from the rest of the games. I'll be switching it off straight away and I'm presuming most people will. Maybe not? Maybe the pop songs will grow and me and in the context of GTA, I'll have a soft spot for the songs.


Anyway, no real complaints from me.


Well done to all at Rockstar. You are making history. icon14.gif

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I don't like complainers or whiners so I came here to the official whine and complain thread to whine and complain about whiners and complainers.


For the love of god hurry up 17th

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graphics won't be great obviously. map might be too small. driving maybe too arcade. refueling and retrieving vehicles may get boring. having to spray paint license plates to avoid cops - not for lazy people. Game should be great overall and psyched about the tanks.

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I'd like to point out something that will bring more whining - there will, unfortunately, be no snow. They would have showcased it by now if they had snow. The North Yankton-lead is just random background noise, might as well start to lower your expectations...


I still hope I'm wrong, though.

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Well I for one don't like the lack of realistic steak I have been seeing on these trailers. Come on R*.


But seriously I don't like the fact that the driving seems a bit to easy or floaty in the trailers.

Edited by Volatile
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1. Not native to the new consoles, even if it eventually does get released on them won't be as good- fu r* for this

2. Heard the CEO say vehicles take too much memory now I believe the graphics on them are scaled down

3. If there are players under 18 in the multiplayer

4. Map is too small

5. Don't like any of the sports cars I've seen so far

6. If there is no N2O for cars

7. Trevor

8. Franklin

9. Tanks nerfed

Edited by kamyar07
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You might of seen me get mad last night lol. But I appreciate this thread. People just don't realize they are complaining about the best game in awhile. It makes me a little mad lol.gif

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

Okay Redx165 is one annoying troll and someone needs to silence iNero before he becomes the new GKP. wink.gif It is a complaint... OT: I don't like the fact that you can only own one property at a time on GTA Online. You are welcome to upgrade but damn I wanted to be a high roller like ya can in single player, ya know?

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