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GTA Advance Belleville Park ?

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Hello guy's i found the Belleville Park in GTA Advance but it's not same like GTA III/LCS

Because there are basketball court9w3QeIb.png


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There is a basketball court in III. However it's smaller.

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Yeah they are basketball court in III but in III is cage in Advance wall

They are the house near the basketball court

SZPrzcl.pngSo GTA Advance have difference map in III ?

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Rockstar didn't pay any attention in remaking the III map for Advance. There are LOTS of differences. I still don't understand why o_o. III's LC would fit in the GBA Limits without any problems.

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Trying to drive a car into the lake is somehow deadly,but in iii/LCS it just a small shallow water.

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First of all, the game was developed by Digital Eclipse under Rockstar's supervision. Second of all, Advance's Liberty is an interpretation of III's Liberty; you'll notice there is no curved roads and difference in height is handled very primitively. Advance's Liberty suits the platform and game style. I'm sure there's reason the map isn't more "accurate"; this most definitely would have been brought up during development.


So comparing III and Advance is really apples and oranges.

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thats so cool would love to see a mored day gta advance

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