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JB700 appreciation thread


Recommended Posts

You know what to do. Let's see those Aston Martin DB5's.


The guns at the front of the car are meant to pay homage to the James Bond franchise. Hopefully they don't turn you guys off that much.


Here is mine (sorry for the lighting):



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  • 4 weeks later...

It was my dream car when I first started. Got it during the stimulus package, and it was then that I noticed it had guns on the front. I thought the decommissioned one wouldn't. Had it up until a month or two ago until I sold it, to replace it with a new Dewbauchee, the Exemplar. May have to go back to the good Ol' JB. I think it'd be a fun car to drift in.

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Forget removing the ugly guns what it really needs is the ability to send the passenger seat and said passenger sky high with the press of a button.......



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One of the best looking cars in the game IMO, shame that the handling kinda sucks on it

Post your JB700's here!


Here's mine




Dunno why snapmatic always ruins the brightness of the colours when taking a pic

Does anyone also know how to remove those black sides from your pics? Would be much appreciated!

Edited by Cwinny24
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~ Moments in Tank Shifts ~



Catches a player glitching LSC up the a-hole, blows him and his Chradder up. Guy returns with a tank. Custom JB700 ScubaDave Signature Edition outfitted with turboNOS and rapid fire disassembles Rhino's turret and fires two additional F-You shots.



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  • 2 months later...

I love this car, one of the first I bought, admittedly using money from the stimulus thing since all the rest of my money had gone on guns and an apartment in eclipse.

I'm still trying to get the colour right, I want it as close to the James Bond movies as I can, does anyone have any suggestions?

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