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the Future of Forums?

El Dildo

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I'm not sure where this is being implemented yet, but it's the brainchild of the same guy who created Stack Overflow.




the idea is to build a better online community that is 100% open-source and immune from the degradation of spam or trolling.

good luck with that...

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That infinite scroll thingy is such a bullsh*t. Why do they keep implementing it on so many sites? It's so annoying and impractical, and also heavy on the client's resources.

Overall, I dislike the idea of overabundance of JavaScript.

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I just love how they bash paid-for forum software and then try to sell paid-for forum software :lol:

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GTAforums was the only forum where I witnessed the whole thing being kept alive for 10 years without a major overhaul. I hope Tank keeps things the same way.

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I don't have the curiosity factor to make explore it more, but a first glance, discourse looks a lot like vanilla forums.



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