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PS3 Fox Hound Crew/ Mgs fans


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Figured i would post this for people on here who are metal gear fans, while reading this thread feel free to listen to this song.





Are you ready to earn your stripes? Will you climb up the ladder and fight to earn the title of Big Boss?


If the answer is yes to the above then we want you to join Fox Hound Alpha Unit.





Crew/Gang Name: FOXU
About: Just dogs of war looking for a place to call home
Leader Contact: currently on sabbatical atm message me instead acting leader/ commissioner LRULES07

Social Club Crew Link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/foxhound_alpha_unit
Platform(s): PS3
Games: GTAV

Crew Status: OPEN
Timezone: no specific time necessary


We are 350+ members strong and continually growing.







Bio: Times have changed in los santos after the last world war ended people began fighting for power since the last remaining authority in the city was snuffed out. Factions began to rise each wanting a piece of the action then theres us who fight to keep the peace and balance things out. We blend in with the locals we have many enemies.


We wear the blood of our fallen comrades on our faces as a symbol to never forget what it is we are fighting for, a better city.










When its time to go into battle we proudly display our symbol on our backs, meet ups in parking garages to coordinate attacks on any threat are our specialty.










So comrade i tell you this we will have your back so join us now and become our brothers in arms become a member of foxhound and 1 day you can become a legendary mgs5.png


hope you enjoyed the short read i didnt want to drag it out so i kept it simple and straight to the point.

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bump i forgot my brother made this thread oops. :lol::lol:

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