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Better Job Rewards


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As much as I enjoy messing around in freeroam I sometimes like to do a few races or death matches. However when I want to I have two choices of how to start one. The first is choose the join random something from the phone. This is most likely to give the same few races/deathmatches that although are good I'm getting bored of as I have played them so much. The other is start my own lobby in a different job and wait until the end of time for people to join in(and then they leave as soon as they see it's not one of the fan favorite jobs). I know some jobs are better than others but there are still some jobs I have not done, which annoys me. I'm guessing the reason why this happens is because certain jobs pay more money for the time you invest.


I have thought of a way to reward players for playing a variety of jobs instead of spamming the replay button. It is that once you have placed in the top third of players in every R* job of a certain type you earn a favor from one of your contacts. For example if you play every land race you have the option to call Simion and ask him to steal you a car, for free. These would be unique cars only obtainable by this method, that he would store for you in a similar way that Pegasus do(garage space is tight). There could be one car for each type so that you can do the jobs again and get another free car(you can choose which one you want each time). The way they are delivered is using JP. You call him and he charges you a small amount of JP to deliver it to you. JP can also be used to add modifications to it, and you get to keep them forever or can sell them for a decent price.

The same could be the case with deathmatches, except with those you could have Trevor give you a unique gun. Again there could be one for each gun type and JP is used to mod it and to buy ammo.


I think this would make the game a lot more varied and would be an interesting way of adding new content, instead of just buying it on release day with saved up money. What do you all think about this and what do you think could be a unique reward for things like capture,LTS and competative missions.

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