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Primo rarity?


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Awhile back it took me forever to find my first primo, since I found it I haven't seen anymore in the past week I've been seeing them everyday at one point there were 8 primos in one place. Did they change the rarity or was it not that rare to begin with?

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they've been changing car spawns to be more like singleplayer, i remember when vapid ingots first started spawning online and i was like wtf


but you can just switch sessions over and over until you find the traffic "set" that spawns the primo

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I was thinking the same today. They seem a lot more common. Also the intruder too. Seeing a sh*tload of them since update.

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Any car that can spawn, seems to have its moments where it will seem more common than usual.


It took me absolutely ages to find my first F620. The one I finally found was the only one I saw for even a long time after. But eventually I began seeing them quite often. However I would still say on a scale of super_rare/rare/uncommon/common/super_common, they are generally uncommon. Similar situation with the VIGERO, yet I don't think I've ever seen more than two or three at a time, and I've certainly never found one parked so I would regard it as super rare (spawns only, obviously).


On the flip slide, the SABRE TURBO is an example of a car that seems uncommon when I'm looking for one, but generally I would consider it borderline common/super common.

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