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DayZ City Survival GTA V Roleplay


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Hosting a DayZ Roleplay


How to get in my lobby,

Comment your gamertag below!

Or Send Got Aesthetics a message!


What we do?

Well me and the two other admins Relapse VII And XGN Supreme have made some survival maps in the city, You will spawn with no weapons and have to scavenge the city looking for vehicles and weapons. Now this is hosted in a deathmatch so the choice of teaming up with allies or killing and robbing people for there things is completely up to you! Just do not shoot them the second you see them for that is Killing on sight and is not allowed what so ever. When you join my lobby and the game starts up be sure to press start > go to settings > go to display > turn off your radar and your hud.. It is easy to tell who has hud on and who does not so if you we suspect you kept yours on you will be kicked and banned from the lobby for good..


Main rules:

No KOS ((Killing on sight))

Must have a mic and be in gamechat!

Teaming up is allowed

Must have radar and hud off

You are ONLY allowed to call other players!

Have fun!


You may leave the city but there is NOTHING out of the city..


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