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[Xbox] The Devils Right Hand, Biker, Rodder, Cruiser crew.. Join US&#3


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Sick and tired of being stuck in a Prospectchapter were the president don't give a f*ck about you.... ?

Tired of doing all the sh*ttywork for a crew that don't give a f*ck about you 'cause you ain't a Full patch member ?

Do you want to be a part of a crew that Respects you and give you "full patch" entrance at once ?


Well..... welcome to The Devils Right Hand - LS

Once you are in, you are in...... We ride hard, we ride mean and we are here to raise some serious hell in Los Santos and Blaine.


We are a "mixclub", we ride both Bikes (choppers, bobbers, customs) and Realdeal cars (rods, Muscle, Classic, Custom) ..... No plastic racers, no sports, no "everyday" boring cars..... We ride in/on real iron and metal, well i guess you got the Point by now.... Yankeeiron !


In our club we respect eachother, all members are to be treated as equals, and you do not have to dig the Earth to get in, just prove yourself worthy in your application and we will approve it!


Yes, like all clubs we have hierarchy, but not an old dictatorsh*t president hierarchy, everyone Counts.... but on real BIG clubissues the topfour members decides, the topfour is Leader, Commisioner, and two Lieutenants.

We got vacant spots for the 2 Lieutenants, one of them is going to get the title Punisher and he is the clubs, judge, lawyer and cop.... he will execute the order if we have som "probs" in the club.


Other vacant spots is real hardcore muscles, theese are the ones who makes the club, they are the hardcore crew !


Be one of us now and read more about us and how to apply at http://tdrh.wordpress.com and also have a look at http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/devils_right_hand_ls


Join us now, and help us to build the baddest, meanest, biggest meanmachine crew Los Santos ever seen.... No Pardon for our enemies........


I'll see you all in hell damn your Eyes !





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