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Deleting Photos from iFruit


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I tried searching for this but nothing came up. How do you delete photos that you took in game? I just noticed yesterday that you can only take 96 photos, and I definitely have some I do not want if I have limited space.


Help is much appreciated!

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In game Press start go to gallery wait the pictures to be loaded and then delete with Triangle at PS3...

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Yep, also keep in mind that deleting these pics is very consuming....why didn't they just allow us to delete them at the Social Club

So you cant do it online?

You have to delete them while you're online, just go to pause menu and scroll to the gallery tab as said above and wait for all the pics to load then you'll be prompted to delete them(Y/Triangle)

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I really don't get why you can't delete them from the Social Club website.


Or why you have to wait for a whole page to load when doing it in-game.


Or why the iFruit app is completely and utterly useless.

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Yea, the only problem with deleting photos is you have to wait for the entire page of pictures before deleting any

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Or why we're limited to 96 low-res photos.


Why not allow you synchronize with your own storage account (e.g photobucket, dropbox, google drive, icloud, whatever) so you can have full resolution photos and unlimited storage.


Or at least allow us to save all 96 photos to our hard drive from Social Club in one go, then delete all and start over.

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