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Menu select system sucks balls

Crunch McThornbody

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Crunch McThornbody

I just tried to call a mugger on someone and I had the right player highlighted, but as soon as I pressed the confirm button the list of players changed and so the mugger was sent to the wrong player!


Then seconds later I tried to send the mercenaries to that player and again the list of players changed milliseconds before I pressed the confirm button.


The same thing happens when you try and highlight a player, the list of player names often changes so rapidly it's almost a sub-game trying to highlight the right player!



For f*cksake, they can create a whole massive play area which is almost virtually seamless (except for a few 'soft spots') but they can't program a list of names which dynamically changes and keep the pointer on the right player when the change happens?!? And they could at least put the lists in alphabetical order! The order of names when you press down on the digital pad to bring up the list is completely different to the order when you go into the main menu to look at the players more closely.

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Please allow me to piggy back. I need to add that searching through the clothing menu is annoying, especially if it's at your apartment. Also, all of the contacts including Pegasus, Merryweather and the Mechanic, should be placed under the utility icon. Data needs organization like fish need water.

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