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Garage Changing Cars Slots


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No responses, walked away, lost my car. Damnit, that's like 100K gone. :/
Lock, plz.

As title says.

Basically I was going to buy a new car and I like my garage all matched, every car is in a specific spot, and I went to change my Sabre GT from second slot on the right side of my 10-car garage to the first slot. I've done this MANY times and know how to change my whole garage all around but now my Sabre GT is outside (as it should so I can replace it to put it back) but it says, "You cannot access this Personal Vehicle." What gives? Anyone else getting this?

Yes, I searched for a topic similar to this and found none (typed in search: garage losing car/garage losing personal vehicle). Just a quick question, not meant for this to be a real topic. I need an answer quickly as my car is sitting outside with no way of getting it back. :/

Looked in patch notes of 1.12, only thing I could think of was this but it ain't even that close to what I did (replace car with other car):

"-Fixed an exploit where players could duplicate their Personal Vehicles by blocking the entrance to their garage."


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