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[Xbox] Vespucci Blvd. Rydaz - Recruitment


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Vespucci Blvd. Rydaz


Who We Are
The VBR is a criminal street gang, located around Little Seoul, Los Santos. We've named ourselves after the primary street that runs through our neighbourhood, Vespucci Boulevard. We are multinational, with members from several nations. Our colours consist of Red, Black and White, as you can see by the spray-tag above, and the clothing worn by our members below;


And official crew car, below. (Members do not have to have a crew car, though if they want one, it needs to be modded to crew specs.)

(official crew car - Albany Primo)

In our crew we expect all members while active to fly their colours, that means wearing clothing with the crews colours, etc. We expect our members to respect other crew members, and our allies. We expect crew members to help out in fights when called upon and to rep our set with honor, pride and loyalty. We expect our members while online and active to roll with our core members, to prove their worth, their loyalty. We tend to plan any major session play and events around Irish/English Standard time & US Eastern Standard Time, so where-ever you happen to be, please plan accordingly to where you live in the World.

Who We Are Looking For
If you think you got what it takes to run in the jungle, then we are the set for you. However, we have a few restrictions, no disrespect here, but if you're under 15 (or sound like a little kid) don't expect to be a member, we don't want kids, we want mature players; and if your online character is under level 25 we won't accept you in, player must have experience, and have unlocked higher power weapons, you can't defend the jungle with just a pistol. We would also prefer that members have a command of the English language, and a microphone; it would just make things easier if all members can understand what is going on, and can communicate. We play on Xbox, and Xbox only at the moment. Check our facebook page for list of crew rules.

Absolutely NO MODDED players.

Rockstar Social

Contacts: Xbox Gamertags / Rockstar Social Club
esewulf / Ainbheartach (leader)


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