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Toggle off the GTAO blue map icons?


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I don't use them. I don't want to see all 46280372 of them. These events pop up in the select screen thingy anyway. We can also choose them via cell phone. So, why are they all over the damned map?


Death matches, parachuting, races, LST <-- I have zero interest in these. I can't easily locate the other types such as stars, capture, drops, and armored trucks, which I AM interested in. I'd rather have map markers for the elusive missions. We have no way of finding those!


NORTH should be the uppermost top layer but clutter as is, I can never see it when I need it. Why aren't player dots top level after NORTH? And why doesn't the stealth system work in free mode?


These blue annoyances should be color-coded at least. All types of death matches one color, all types of races another color etc. And player created races etc should not be b&w like stores, give them their own color too. Awful as is.


I want to toggle them OFF. If there's a way to do so, please advise.

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I agree, we can toggle off LSC, stores etc so I think we should be able to turn off the blue ones too.

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