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GTA 4 Mobile Alabama LCPDFR Recruitment


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Hello. I am posting this message on behalf of the GTA Mobile Alabama LCDPFR Clan or GMAC for short. We are a clan that actively patrol in GTA 4 (PC) using LCPDFR as our base.

We are run by actual law enforcement personal who bring even more realism into the game play.

As a member of this clan you can be assured to be a part of a respectful group of people who all share a common interest. We train you to help you be all you can be. We will work with you to install our mods and teach you everything you need to know.

We are a medium sized group with 15+ members active. All of these members pride them selves to be mature, respectful and most importantly of all, fun! Whether you have plenty of experience or have no experience in the law enforcement field, our members are happy to help. We understand that people have lives, work, college etc so there is some "Leave" time in the form of an L.O.A (Leave of Absence). Many people who are members and even those who have just seen us play say we are a laid back group, but still professional. We also have an age requirement of 15+ (YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE AGE REQUIREMENT).

We try to have patrols on a daily basis and we are looking for more people to join in !

If you are interested, please click the following link to apply or our TeamSpeak link to speak with an Admin! Tell them Sr. Deputy TastelessDread sent you !

TeamSpeak 3 Address <<GTAMOBILEALABAMACLAN.enjinvoice.com>> ( Type this into your TS3 Connection line )

Visit our website to Join !

<<Mobile Alabama Clan Website>>


Mobile Police Department (M.P.D)

- Traffic Division
- K-9 Division
- Jaguar Division

Mobile County Sheriff's Department (M.C.S.D)

- Patrol Unit
- K-9 Unit (Not Currently Recruiting)

State Patrol Division (A.S.D)

- State Trooper
- K-9

Mobile Operations Communications Center (Dispatch)

- OCC Dispatchers
- OCC Reserve
- OCC Trainers

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Please provide a link to your crew on Social Club.


Do NOT respond to this post, simply edit your original post to include the link.

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