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Dynasty8 should be a real market w/ limited-time properties


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Imagine if new properties opened up for purchase on Dynasty8 and then "went off the market" shortly afterwards. Like the Roosevelt being limited-issue for Valentine's Day.



- Rewards loyal play

- Encourages those on the fence (waiting for possible next gen or PC release) to buy now as not to miss out on a special address

- Keeps online mode fresh with people waiting for new unlocks

- Makes visiting peoples' apartments worthwhile

- Gives each person a somewhat unique lifestyle

- Spreads players out over the whole city instead of in predictable areas (Eclipse)

- Increase property turnover (making R* more money in cash cards as fickle players needing the latest and greatest address lose money buying and selling constantly)

- Adds the realism of a property market


What do you think?


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Someone would complain that this was an illuminati plot to get people to buy cash cards, even though some of those pros sound really good.

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Hmm the trouble is the big trouble.... we'd need a way to tour the apartments first. We can test drive all the vehicles in SP. But you need to see the layout before we buy if its limited time only.

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This isn't an MMO... It's a good idea, but fails in practice.

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