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Did the game mess up on me?


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I completed The Merryweather Heist Freighter (mission #31) than saw an M on the map so switched to Micheal and drove to his house, the game jumped back to Did Somebody Say Yoga (mission #28) than back to Blitz Play (mission #34)

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It's possible that there can be some variation in the order. As long as nothing seems screwed up and you don't do Hang Ten right after Blitz Play it's probably normal. Could be wrong though. I know I did Merryweather heist, then Hotel Assassination, then Blitz Play, but I can't remember when Did Somebody Say Yoga fit into there.

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THe order can vary by quite a bit-- Did you do the 5 Blitz Play setup missions?? Tow Truck, Trash Truck, Boiler Suits, Masks, Getaway Vehicle....


For me--


My 21st mission was ".....Yoga"


My 27th mission was " the merryweather heist- Freigter"


28th thru 32nd was the Blitz Play set up missions


My 33rd was "Hotel Assassination"


My 34th was "Blitz Play"


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I did the Did Somebody Say Yoga missions before The Merryweather Heist than game made me redo Did Somebody Say Yoga

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