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it it possible to "roll back" an OIV package?


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I'm new to modding and had a question, does OpenIV offer a feature that tracks changes and lets you roll back or is mod installtions permenant?
backing up/restoring the game files takes longer than installing them from the disk(at least, if I want to compress them and such), and re-installing each time might become a bit of a hassle.

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Currently OpenIV does not have uninstall (roll back) feature for OIV packages.

I have plan to add this feature in one of the future versions.

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it's a shame theirs no replace backup option atm its causing me to mess up my files and step on my other mods and i cant even find a log that has the files it changed... it's a drag that we can't extract the packages and install manually really. creating mods with their own installers is a huge mistake imo..


ok. that would be cool, thanks!

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