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Need a Crew?


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Need A Crew?

Crew: Gta 5 Thug Lotz {going to change when R* lets us}

Leader: SLY STRI69

On: Xbox 360

What we do: Car meets, Cruises, Drag races, Competitions, drifts, off- road, Races, Death matches, Battle other crews, photo shoots, and much more. If you join I will explain some stuff to you and we will practice drifting for your first time. And you will be in the events above.

Gamer tag: SLY STRI69 {message me for an invite}

Crew Emblem: emblem_128.png

Crew Tag: LOTZ

How many people: 20 as of now


Heist: Heist is coming out soon! Need good people to play with and also to talk to. Must have good strategies and ideas.

Crew Car: The COMET! If you already have one your good to go. But, if you don’t I suggest to get on! Please

Age: 14 or older please!!

Crew color: This color that I’m typing in.

Link to my crew: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crews/search/soldiers/LOTZ

Photos of what we do!!





















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