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Best Of Upcoming Content...BESIDES HEISTS.


Best Upcoming R* Content (besides heists)  

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  1. 1. Which of the following are you excited about?

    • Capture Creator
    • New Vehicles (Hi-Life Update)
    • New Weapons (Hi-Life Update)
    • New Properties (Hi-Life Update)
    • Multiple Player Owner Properties (2x Garages, Apartments)
    • Mental State Statistic (GTA Crazy Meter)
    • Other Non-Heist Content (Feel Free to Elaborate Below)

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Yes, this is my THIRD thread with this link. The first was an accident, the second was just to talk about the multiple properties and this is just for the poll.

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Captain Revenge

It would b nice if Buzzard missiles would lock onto players with bounties and a high mental state, as sort of a wake up call to calm youself down, then they would have to go chill somewhere's until they took their meds.

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Red Lynx 23

New properties, two apartments and ten car garages, and whatever our mental state will be. Hopefully it'll be just like Dr. Pubehead's memo on how rotten you were throughout story mode. And dare I ask for a cut scene where you meet him and he tells you how passive or psycho you are in this game?

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I don't see capture creator being a big hit. I hardly see anyone playing it, I mean I never get any invites for those....people are still mad-on to gring RR.


Having extra properties is good, if they are adding new locations, cool if not it still be be cool.

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For me, GTA has always and will always be about the cars. You give me good cars that, I will want them. Sure, I'll take heists and apartments, those are all well and good, but the majority of your time in this game is spent surrounding cars.

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Definitely looking forward to owning another property, and the "Crazy Meter".

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