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[XBOX] Weekday Car Meets


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First meet: Wednesday, March 9 @ 8pm GMT

This is our first meet, we'll give it a go and see how it goes. Read the rules carefully.

So I've noticed that car meets are nearly always on the weekend. For those of you who want to do car meets on the weekdays, this might just be the group for you. We will not be doing meets on the same days as the K2 meets. K2 meets come before this, this is just to keep us going until Fridays and Sundays. If you'd like to join these and sign up, just leave your Gamertag in the comments and message me, DaWheelo, on Xbox Live. This is a mature car meet, not a fun-for-all. Behave. Here are the rules.


- NO Ramming[Golden Rule]

- NO Super Cars

- NO Deathmatching

- NO Guns/Bombs

- NO Fighting

- NO Horns

- NO Overtaking

- You must have a mic. If you do not, an exception may be made, but you will need to listen very carefully.

- Drive in an orderly fashion i.e. the cars closer to the exit go FIRST. Be patient.


So as I said, comment your Gamertag below, but you need to message DaWheelo on Xbox Live to get a spot. Rules being broken will NOT be tolerated. You will be warned once, then kicked from the session. Ramming is the most important rule. Also, when we are cruising, do not overtake. Remember that we are cruising, not ramming.


I look forward to seeing you there,


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