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which cars off the street are worth selling


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i rarely sell cars off the street, i was wondering which cars are worth selling.

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Gallivanter Baller - $9000 stock payout. If you have a spare slot or two in the garage, keep them in there and sell one every time you log in, and before you log off, and it becomes a pretty decent money spinner.

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Baller (either type) $9k

Rocoto $8.5k

Oracle (either type) $8k

Felon $9k Felon GT $9.5k


They're my usuals, one at the start of each session.

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If you can't find any of those posted above, the Calvacade, Greasley, and Sentinel sell for 6k.

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Felon GT -$9500

Baller/Felon -$9000

Rocoto -$8500

Schwartzer/Oracle -$8000

Cavalcade/Dubsta -$7000

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