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Should R* add apartments with helipads/tank spawn/boat dock


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Tanks could be controversial, however helipad certainly isn't nor boat dock..,

Why should we have to;

A.) pay to access vehicles we have already paid millions for...

B.) have to drive to pick them up when we may aswell just steal one when you pick your owned one up from a helipad, next to it is the same thing..

C. Enemy doesn't receive any punishment for destroying your vehicle..

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Black Rabbit

I was surprised from the start the the helipad on my apartment wasn't accessible from the elevator inside my apartment.

It seems like it could be pretty easy to add, just add custom drop-off points if you're within your apartment, then add an option to the elevator.

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Yes X 1000000000

I need a mini runway ontop of my apartment building for planes

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The only problem is that there's only 1 helipad per roof and can be up to 16 players all owning the same property. There's ways to work around it though, I'd love if they added this in.

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