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This is how Tanks should have been made available...


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Obviously it's too late, now that Online is in it's 6th month. But how about Tanks being unlocked reaching a certain level, and completing a number of Platinum Awards? I think reaching rank 150, and like the Decorated Achievment, 30 Platinum Awards would be suffice to get a Tank; plus the $2million or whatever it costs now too.


This would give a bit more incentive with leveling up. You've ranked to 120, now it's time to go for the ultimate prize. It would also give the awards a bit more meaning since you can get more than just Tattoo unlocks. Modding/DNS wouldn't have much effect with this either since I don't believe there's any way to hack awards. I don't think so many people would be complaining about the Tank this either since they wouldn't be so prevalent. Just a thought.

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It'd be better to remove the purchasable version from the game altogether.


If you can steal one from FZ without getting wrecked, then A.) You deserve to wreck sh*t in the lobby. B.) You won't have it for long as it'll probably already be damaged. and C.) Once it's wrecked, you can't just call for another one. You'll have to through the rigamarole of stealing one from FZ again.


I mean, that's how jets work. Why should the tank be handled any differently?

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Soran Is On

how about include the mental state into availability.


if youre a f*cking psycho, how about you aren't allowed a tank until you reform just a bit, deliver a hpv, kill a bounty, something constructive. Then you can have your tank back.



Not a great idea, but a way to keep it from the assholes that try and lay waste to whole sessions.

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