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GTA VI can be in Liberty City


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In recent weeks, morerumors about the new game in the series had come.

In an interview on the website Baller Status with the musician DJ Whoo Kid, who worked on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V and other games in the series, it was revealed that the next GTA will return to Liberty City (New York) again.

"I worked on Call of Duty and also worked on some games Grand Theft Auto" Kid when questioned on what games you've worked said. "'m About to begin my work in the next Grand Theft Auto that will unfold once again in New York. "

Some fans are saying that the future game can be a spin-off, a new DLC or maybe GTA VI.

Anyway, it's not a surprise if Rockstar already started working on a new game in the series.

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It was posted before. Link

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