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GTA1 Missing Sounds


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EDIT----- I realised I was merging both 1 and 2 into my mind at the same time, the original gta doesn't sound off when you collect a weapon, just 2... I feel stupid now. But I guess the question now is can the soundtrack files be placed with the game files to allow no disc use?


I've a weird version of GTA1 on my PC I think its derived from the Classics collection but I'm experimenting in getting it working completely. I don't have the radio stations in the audio file, but I'm not fussed by that, I use my original GTA1 disc in the drive whilst I play this newer version of it, and the soundtrack loads fine.

What I have noticed is (atm) weapon sounds missing. When I collect a crate, it would usually say 'pistol' or 'machine gun!' when you picked 'em up, but on my version this does not happen. my GTA1 is a bit of a frankenstein though with bits of the game from all different places.

If anyone has any idea for the sound issue though, It'd be greatly appreciated.


My version of GTA London does not play the soundtrack however, anyway to add the radios for this one manually?

Edited by Mikeol1987
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try to set basic acceleration of soundcard on dxdiag (start/run/dxdiag)



if this is windows vista/7/8/8.1/8.1 update 1 (one of these) there is a problem that cause some problems with all musics, that can stop after few minutes...



this happen also on steam version...

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