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Car Meet Tips


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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but I didn't think anything better than this one. Anyways I feel I need to share some things with peolle who are beginners when it comes to car meets/shows.


Firstly, you really shouldn't limit the show to one or two car classes, it decreases variation and inspiration for new cars

Make it a democracy, I've been in a couple meets (not K2 or Untouchable Image) where the host will say what's going on and that's final.

Come up with new events. Don't do the same events every meet you have. For example, at K2, they usually switch it up if they have enough ideas and they're pretty fun, too.

Don't get pissy when something doesn't go well right away. Chances are you'll be hosting somebody's first meet and they are new to cruising at low speeds. Just make sure they aren't assholes.

For new members: don't give the host a hard time damnit, I can't tell you how many meets I've been too where one player will stay for the full meet (a couple hours) and go to the forums and bitch about it. If you didn't like it, you had plenty of time to leave.

Allow members to think of events. This goes with democracy, chances are somebody's ideas are just as fun as yours.

Create a regular thing that's always fun. For example, at K2, if we see an Adder or any supercar, we have the permission to blow it up without consequences.

Find new areas. Be creative and look for spots around the city or Shandy Shores, try to find areas that show a lot of sunlight so people can show off their snazzy pearls.

It's usually a good idea to require mics to people cooperate when an event is unfolding.

Lastly, plan your meets ahead of time, some people look at the forums and find a meet is going on now and they can't make it. If you can, make a schedule.


Thank you for reading, any replies are welcome.

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