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[ Xbox ] JDM, 10 speed, and motorcycle meet

187 Productions

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187 Productions

Holding another meet tonight!

Bring out your jdm fixer uppers, 10 speeds, and street bikes!

We are gonna cruise the streets of LS, stopping at; every up & atom, gas station, diner, parking lot

you name it we are gonna get down, and have a good time. f*ck the cops if they try and stop us.

shoot me an message so I can invite you, I want a full game. I will be filming it as well.



1. No guns! ( If slamming your car, go far from everyone to do your thing. )

( if anything happens just fight with your fist, get that done and back to the meet. )


2.Do not blow up anyones car! ( if you blow up anyone's car, you will be banned from my meets. )


3. Be chill, and Have fun.


So if you guys are down, shoot me a message, I will invite you. gt: toatiscoming

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when is this happening and yeah who do we message for an invite

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187 Productions

sorry my I knew I was forgetting something

gt: toatiscoming

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